It is a sad fact of life that many dog owners almost kill their beloved pets, with kindness. For those dog owners who have taken in a rescue animal, or two, the temptation is even greater. Kill them, I hear you ask? Well what I mean is overfeed the animal. After all weight problems can give a dog a multitude of health problems.

In its natural environment a dog would be lean and nimble. Let's face it, he or she would have to be to survive. Unfortunately, in some ways, dogs are nowadays often rather spoilt and usually want for nothing. This can mean that a dog uses far less energy that the animal would have done in the wild. Yet ,the owner may still be feeding the dog as if it had to fight for its survival, on a daily basis, in the cold.

Part of the problem these days is those little extra snacks. Many of the doggie treats available are high in calories and protein. Feed your dog with food and treats that is high in protein and he or she will be bouncing off the walls. High protein foods have a tendency to make dogs overactive. Of course high calorie foods also will make your dog fat.

It is not just about the appearance of the dog though, as, carrying extra fat will shorten the animal's life. Dogs that are over weight, or even obese, will suffer from more health problems. Heart, breathing and joint problems are more common in dogs that have weight problems.

You love your dog so be kind and make the right choices about its diet.

Try researching to see how you can help your dog to lose weight.

  • For example, peel and wash a couple of raw carrotts and cut into chunks. Your dog will love this crunchy treat and it will be beneficial. Such a snack is low calorie and good for eyes and teeth. Never give your dog too many of such treats though, as it could affect the animal's bowel movements.
  • Play with your dog on a regular basis. This added top regular walks will keep you and your dog fit. Playing games with a pet helps with its socialising also.
  • Reduce the amount of food you give your dog, as its main mean. Make sure that, if you have an adult dog, it only has one main meal a day.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Helping a dog lose weight is a lot like when we humans need to lose weight. Take a sensible but long approach. Make sure that you weigh your dog from time to time to ensure that you are getting the right balance.

On the whole the dog's happy and healthy demeanour should let you know when you have got the balance right.