Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life, so its understandable why most brides-to-be can be so stressed in the days and months leading up to the big day. This short guide should make it a little bit easier to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

These are the main things that you should consider:

What is the theme of your wedding?
So first you need to know the overall theme of the wedding, especially the colour theme. It's impossible to find the perfect dress if you are not sure what you want. We recommend using storyboards to create the perfect theme of the wedding.

Once you have decided on the theme you need to be sure that the fabric is what you want. So if you are ordering from the internet it's essential to order a swatch sample and compare this sample with your theme. Popular colours for bridesmaid dresses are burgundy, royal blue and purple. The most popular is the burgundy bridesmaid dress because it's a very elegant and sophisticated colour that compliments the wedding dress.

Sizing can be a massive problem, the more bridesmaids you have the bigger the problem it can be. Be sure that the bridesmaids tell you the correct size. Ideally you should not take their word for it, take their measurements and only then approach the wedding retailer to check availability.

Very important is the timeframe - don't order the dresses too soon because the circumstances of your bridesmaids may change, pregnancy or diets for example.

When choosing the retailer either go for a local wedding shop or an internet mail order company. When choosing a high street company use the internet to check their reputation, but please be aware that you are very likely paying a premium for your dresses. Internet companies should be used with extreme caution, you really must do your research before commiting yourself. Here are our five top tips:
1. Avoid foreign companies - it's very expensive to return dresses to China and you will need to pay for import duties.
2. Check their online reputation, have there been any issues with returns or quality? It's better to avoid these companies
3. Make sure the sizing is correct and it would better to get made-to-measure dresses rather then off the peg
4.  Ask for swatch samples and make a test purchase. Ideally, buy one dress and check the quality of the dress, colour and the fitting of the dress.
5. Only order  from companies that have a customer friendly return policy. Avoid at all cost companies that charge a restocking fee or refuse to accept returns.

The most important thing to having a stress-free wedding is to start preparations early enough to deal with any small problems that may arise. Have a wonderful day!