What is Hyperhydrosis?

Hyperhydrosis is a rare condition that causes excessive sweating in an individual. Many people have the condition under the armpit, on the hands, feet and in other cases on the head. The condition causes sweating to occur when there shouldn't be any need to sweat such as simple walking on a mild day or even just day-to-day tasks such as grocery shopping. The condition is usually worse in warm climates and during the summertime but some people suffer from it at all times of year. In this article you'll learn how to cope with Hyperhydrosis in your daily life.

Living With Hyperhydrosis

Hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating isn't a life-threatening condition but it is very much a social condition since it can cause extreme embarrassment for the sufferer. For the person who lives with the condition each day can bring fresh challenges and new fears. I have lived with this condition for my whole life and have it on my head. During school my teachers would send me home thinking I was somehow sick with the flu because water would pour off my temples during moderate activity. The first thing you need to understand is you are not alone in living with Hyperhydrosis there are many others in the same boat you are. You don't have to suffer in silence, there are plenty of support forums online for anyone who lives with the condition. Ask questions and seek answers to your unique circumstances.

Living Day to Day

For many sufferers of this disease each day can become a burden especially during warm months when other people are having fun. For women who have it on their heads they may not want to wear makeup at all since it would run down their face in even mild heat. It's easier to deal with if you have it on your hands, feet, or under your arms. You may need to change shirts several times per day if  you are working under the public eye. For sufferers they may not want to take on certain jobs or stressful situations. Imagine going for a job interview and having a sweating attack during the interview or sweating so much you drip water on an application. You may need to adjust your lifestyle to deal with the condition.  Having a work area with a fan can be a great help. Working from home is also another great option for those that have Hyperhydrosis. I have worked at home for most of my life due to my condition because it occurs on my head. If you can't work from home try to take ona job where you would normally sweat during work to avoid embarrassment.


There are several treatments for the condition including surgery options for your sweat glands but this is expensive. You should check with your doctor since every case is different. It is possible that if you block some sweat glands the condition will pop-up in another area of your body. I never considered surgery and never will because I don't think it is necessary for a condition that won't endanger my life only make it awkward at times. On the market you'll find some strong antiperspirants and ones specifically designed for the condition such as Odaban or other similar applications. These treatments can work but can cause irritation on your skin. You must follow the directions carefully and drop use if you have any difficulty with the products.

Tell Those You Love About Your Hyperhydrosis

People are not worth being your friend or partner if they can't accept your condition or make fun of you. Don't let people do this to you and walk away from those that seek to hurt your feelings. A person that truly cares and loves you will take your condition as a part of who you are and will love you unconditionally. If you are in a new relationship you must tell the other person as soon as possible no matter how painful it is to you.