Help for Thinning Hair – Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

Thinning Hair - Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

If you need help for Thinning Hair, you now have a new option with Joan Rivers Great Hair Day powder shadow. Thinning hair is a problem for both men and women that is the beginning of receding hair lines and eventual balding that creates a lack of confidence, insecurity and low self esteem for many.

Thinning hair can be caused by genetic tendencies that can eventually lead to baldness, to stress, medications, some illnesses and their treatments, chemicals and diet. Thinning hair usually shows up with receding hair lines along the forehead or sides of face near the ears, hair coming out with simple combing or brushing the hair, uneven hair lines throughout the scalp or shiny spots on the head that show patches of the scalp where the hair is lost.

If you've tried all the hair thickening shampoos, volumizer hair treatments, creams, crayons, sprays and specific medications and still have problems with thinning hair, then Joan Rivers Great Hair Day could be a way for you to disguise the fact that your hair is thinning or at least hide it while you are using another system to thicken hair.

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Help for Thinning Hair with Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

Joan Rivers has the same dilemma of thinning hair and has created a powder shadow that is used on all areas of the scalp to cover the problem areas.

Thinning hair areas of the scalp are covered using the powder shadow that comes in a mirrored compact and includes a thick bristled shadow brush for application.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day is available in several colors or shades to suit almost every person's hair and can be used by men or women.

The colors available are light blonde, blonde, red, brunette and salt and pepper for thinning gray hair.

How to Use Joan Rivers Great Hair Day for Thinning Hair:

Once you buy the correct powder shade for your hair color, take a comb and separate the hair into sections and clip each section on the top or sides of the head.

Take a small amount of the Great Hair Day product onto the brush by swishing it around in the powder and tapping off the excess, then simply brush the scalp area by dabbing so that it is completely covered with shadow until you like the way it looks.

Continue to work on all thinning hair areas of the head until they are covered with the specially formulated powder.

Style hair as usual after using the thinning hair powder taking time to cover the back of the head (using the mirrored compact can assist with the difficult to see areas of the head).

Benefits of helping thinning hair with Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

The powder shadow product is waterproof and will only be removed by hair washing so it can last for several days.

Thinning hair is concealed during most activities as this product is also sweat proof making exercise still possible without the product coming off.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day doesn't come off on your hands when you style your hair or run your hands through it during the day.

The shadow creates a smooth and natural look to the hair when the proper color is matched to your existing hair.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day can also be used in between professional salon color treatments to give you more time in between these visits and saving you money.

Confidence and self esteem are boosted when you are not concerned with thinning hair or not looking your best. Many men and women offer great reviews for this product.

The cost of getting help for thinning hair with Joan Rivers Great Hair Day is pretty affordable at only $29.95 for the compact with shadow and brush and when purchased online, Joan Rivers adds an additional product called Brow Day that is a brow shadow complete with brush to color in thinning eyebrows. Look for it at, QVC or other online sites that may also offer free shipping. A full 60 day money back guarantee is offered with the Thinning Hair – Joan Rivers Great Hair Day if you happen to try it and do not get the results you were hoping for.