Body Fat Analyzers Help You Keep Your Weight Under Control

I remember when I started working out and managing weight, I was obsessed with weighing myself every opportunity I got.  I soon found out that even though I was burning a lot of calories and eating better, the scale did not seem to reflect the amount of effort I was putting into the gym.  It was then that I discovered body fat analyzers.  With the simple body fat analyzer I bought on Amazon (similar to the image above), I began to see that I was burning fat even though the scale did not seem to be showing it.


Body Fat Analyzer

However, the body fat analyzer I bought is not the only way to measure body fat (although it is the easiest).  This article will show other body fat analyzers that are available to just about anybody.

Underwater Weighing

Underwater weighing is considered the best body fat analyzer.  Underwater weighing requires the body to be submerged totally into a body of water.  Based on the volume of the individual and the weight of the individual before and during submersion, body density can be calculated.  Formulas are used to determine body fat from the body density.

Based on an assumption that fat and non-fat densities are constant, the formulas can be used for all people.  However, there are some classes of individuals such as very active individuals that have bone and fat densities that differ from the rest of the population.

A drawback to underwater weighing is that it cannot be done easily at home or a gym.  But it is relatively available to almost anyone.  You just have to find a location that can complete the analysis.


Body Fat Analyzers - Digital Calipers

Calipers are body fat analyzers that measure the thickness of a fold of skin at several sites on the body.  A section of the body is pinched and the width of the fold is measured.  After this is completed at multiple sites, the measurements are applied to a formula to estimate the body fat percentage.

A benefit of using calipers is that if the measurements are done accurately, the calipers are quite accurate.  It is also an easier-to-use body fat analyzer than underwater weighing.  You can do it at home.  However, if the measurements are not completed correctly, the calipers will not be as accurate as they could be.

Another possibility is a digital caliper.  Digital calipers allow you to take measurements like usual, but the digital calipers will perform all of the calculations for you.  Of course, they can be more expensive than normal calipers, but they reduce the risk of human error when calculating the body fat based on the measurements.

Handheld Body Fat Analyzer

The handheld body fat analyzer is shown at the top of this article.  These are easy to use and purchase and can usually be found in gyms.  The user simply inputs age, height, weight, gender, and activity level before measuring body fat.  Then the user holds the body fat analyzer away from the body at arm's length while the equipment send electronic signals through the body.  Within 5 seconds, a body fat percentage is returned.

A downside of the handheld body fat analyzer is that results can vary based on several factors.  I like to measure when I wake up in the morning.  But if I measure after a workout, the resulting body fat percentage is lower than usual.  Measurements can also vary based on water volume in the body.

However, if you are consistent about the time of day and day of the week that you measure you can determine trends in your body fat. 


The reason that body fat analyzers are important is that you cannot simply rely on a scale to show how successfully you are managing weight.  If you are strength training in addition to cardio, there is a chance that after a few weeks you may not lose a single pound on the scale.  But if you utilize a body fat analyzer you may see that you have lost 2% body fat.  This will show that you are gaining muscle and losing fat.  It will keep you motivated to exercise and will result in a much more trim look and an overall healthy body.  Body fat analyzers are a great help in managing weight.