Help me quit smoking

Smoking isn't a very pleasant habit and you know it! It's smelly, expensive and not very attractive yet it's so hard to stop. I have even known some people to stop smoking yet get sucked into it again later in life. Just remember your smoking yourself into an early grave! I get people asking me all the time to help them quit smoking and I offer them the same tips I am about to offer below.

1) Adjust your lifestyle

Many people start smoking as a social thing. There friends smoke so they feel wrong to not join them in smoking too. There used to be a time when it was "cool" to smoke and if you didn't you were considered as square. Thankfully, times are changing and people's attitudes towards smoking are slightly more negative these days. This is why it is so much easier to change your lifestyle and avoid having to smoke altogether. If you have certain friends that always smoke when your around them, explain that your quitting and if they don't appreciate and support you in that then just don't spend time with them. If they were true friends they would understand and maybe even try and quit too. If they still flaunt cigarettes in front of you then simply ditch them. I would rather have my health then friends who don't care about me!

2) Adjust your attitude

Many people start to quit but then as soon as something bad happens in their lives they say "well I will just have one", then before you know it your back smoking again. Most other human beings have to deal with just as much stress as you do however there are other ways of dealing with stress other then having to light up. If you adjust your attitude towards seeing cigarettes for what they really are, ugly and evil then you will feel less inclined to having another smoke. Think about the $1000s of money you will save per year by not smoking. Even decide to reward yourself with a nice treat like shopping or tasty desert for every week you go without smoking. Basically if you keep the same attitude where you believe cigarettes are the solution to all your problems then you will always end up going back to them. Think positive at all times.

3) Be disciplined

This is obviously easier said then done but you will be surprised at just how weak some people are. Simply tell you

rself your not having anymore cigarettes and from their stick to it. If you feel a craving use some of the nicotine gums that are on offer or just keep yourself busy. Play video games or talk to friends on the phone. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself from getting distracted by cravings.

You will also be surprised at just how good some stop smoking products are these days. There are a lot that really do work so look more into them and give them a try if your still having trouble quitting smoking.