In order to make caring for herself easier and safer, I purchased the pill organizers for my mother. She has always been able to take care of herself pretty well, but when I noticed her memory beginning to slip I thought I'd better check in to ways to help her keep her medicines easily organized and simple for her to take. I felt that this would help her to avoid any medication accidents as well as missing a needed dose. 

I found that there were several to choose from that offered organizing the medication for the day or for an entire week. We choose to try out the Weekly Organizer Pill Box Alarm Timer. This pill dispenser allows you to use it for daily use only or you can set it for weekly use. This unit came with the electronic reminder as well as the batteries that it needed. The electronic device can be carried in your purse, briefcase or even in your glove box when traveling. This dispenser has 4 compartments for storing pills that are large enough to hold up to 25 aspirin size pills. The electronic device was easy to set making it a pleasure to work with. A canvas tote bag comes with this dispenser which is a nice addition. 

One of the most impressive automatic pill dispensers that we tried was the e-Pill MedSmart MD2 Plus Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser. This dispenser will notify the care giver if the medication has been missed. That's right, an alarm will sound for 60 minutes so that a caregiver will be alerted when the medication has not been taken at the time it should. It uses phone, e-mail or text to notify the caregiver making it convenient and efficient. Once the medications have been loaded into the dispenser, the dispenser can't be opened by just anyone, this helps to keep everyone safe ensuring that there is no confusion if the elderly is in a group with others. An alarm will sound when it is time for the medication and another alarm will sound if the medicine has not been take. This dispenser runs on electricity or batteries.
The e-pill Turtle Box was another of the automatic pill dispensers that mom and I tried. This weekly pill box offered 4 daily alarms for medication taking. It was really easy to use and the alarms were easy to hear. All you had to do with this dispenser was add the medication and set the alarms. There is no need to change the alarms unless the medication schedule changes, the dispenser will stay set until it is changed. The dispenser comes with a battery that will last for a year which was a benefit that both mom and I liked. It was also small and easy to handle instead of being big and bulky like some that we had looked at. 

Best pill dispensers 2012

We looked at several pill organizers that did not automatically dispense the medication also. There were tons of them to choose from that offered daily organization, weekly organization and even monthly organization. My mother wanted to get one of those because she felt that that was all that she needed. I would have been okay with that had it not been for her lack of remembering to take the medications so I was able to talk her into one of the automatic pill dispensers that had an alarm that reminded her when it was time to take her medication. 

My goal was to find one of the automatic pill dispensers that would sound an alarm reminding my mother that it was time to take her medication. It is easy for her to get distracted and forget, something as simple as watching television can cause her to forget her medicine. My mother is able to take care of herself pretty much, but I found that we could both benefit from the automatic pill dispenser as she wouldn't miss her medication and I would have a little more peace of mind.