In today's economy it's no surprise that you find tons of folks trying to find a job. Not only have I experienced this in the past, but recently I have been searching for unique ways to look for jobs. And I've discovered a few places that can be quality locations to search for your future career.


I've actually found some pretty great jobs through this site. One summer I was hired as a ranch hand to build a fence around a few humdred acres of land for a man's horses. It was great! And it paid pretty well too. Craigslist is a quality resource because:

  1. You do not need to sign up
  2. It's location-based
  3. It's easy to navigate
  4. Easy to contact employers
  5. Easy to apply
  6. Jobs are separated into categories
  7. Jobs are posted often and in high numbers

Some things to watch out for on Craigslist:

  1. The Craigslist murderer
  2. False companies (do a search before emailing an employer)
  3. Giving out too much information to people
  4. Again, the Craigslist murderer

Indeed has recently become the most visited and searched JobSearch website in the U.S. It contains tons of information and allows you to apply to legitimate jobs on the fly. There are even websites that contain job boards from indeed that let you specify what career you'd like to enter and makes it easy to search for those jobs.

So if you're looking for a specific career, you'll find higher quality employers on this site.


Your local newspaper is still a good resource for finding jobs. And especially brilliant way to search for jobs in your local newspaper is to do a Google search for your city's paper and to look at those online classifieds. Many times it's easier than going out and buying a paper. But if you do want to find the most opportunities in your city's paper, then buy a Sunday paper. That's when most employers will advertise.


Make friends. And if you have friends already, then tell them about your situation. Most times this can be the easiest way to get a job. A lot of employers want to hire people that their current (good) employees know would be a success. This can open many doors. If you don't know anybody, then make yourself known. Go to your local coffee shop everyday. After a few days or weeks you'll notice the regulars. Try to make contact with them. Then the small talk will turn into, "What do you do for a living?" That's your chance! Go for it. Tell them you're currently looking for a job, any job. They might know somebody.

In any case, don't think you'll get lucky. There's no such thing as luck. The only lucky people are those who prepare and place themselves in positions to jump on opportunities as they come. Or here's an idea! Write for InfoBarrel for a couple months and start bringing in the cash!