During the winter months paying the utility bills (electricity and gas) is one of the hardest things for a lot of families. Some parents have had to ration heating because of the fear that they might not be able to pay their way through winter. Depending on where you live, your utility bills can reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars before the end of winter. A family with low income will really appreciate and may find it absolutely necessary finding help with utilities and offsetting this winter burden. For most people, the question is where can I go to get help and what do I need to know?

Where to Get Help with Utilities

Before addressing the above-mentioned question, a lot of families actually refuse to getting help with utilities because of shame. They just don't like begging and you can’t blame them either. That said, when it comes to the health of your children, you need to put aside your feelings and get the needed help on time. It is interesting to note that there are a lot of agencies and government departments that provide help for low income families.

Some of these agencies will not handout money to you just because you say you cannot afford your electricity or heating bills. They will more than likely want to know how much you earn and how you spend your money. That may be a little unnerving for some people. If you spend your money on the latest entertainment system and you have high-speed Internet connection or other unneeded luxuries which are preventing you from paying your utility bills, you will more than likely encounter problems with getting help. That is understandable because most charities that provide help with utilities want to target those who really need the assistance. Not those that simply have poor spending habits.

The Salvation Army is one of the charities that you can approach to for help with your utility bills. Depending on where you leave you can even get money to help repair your home and make it easier to reduce your utility bills. Some states provide help during the most difficult months of winter. For example, if the winter has been really harsh which means people will have to pay more for utilities and heating, these states will unblock funds to help low income families.

Another program you can contact to get help is the Lifeline program. They have a free phone number and you can call them to request financial assistance for utility bills for people with low income. If you are a senior citizen or disabled you can get over $200 worth of assistance.


Do Not Delay Getting Help

You need to be proactive and get help early in order to avoid utility debts. You can contact your local town hall for localized programs for families with low income. This is a more efficient way to get help as you will be able to talk to someone in your local area who can guide you.