There are many people who exercise regularly but don’t do the exercises that they are supposed to.  Here is a list of helpful exercises you should do but maybe don't do.

Stretching: It is extremely important to stretch everyday.  Stretching before you exercise will help loosen your muscles so you do not injury yourself.  Make sure you stretch your spine, neck, leg and arm stretches.  Injurying yourself during exercises is mainly do to unproper stretching before a workout session.

Ab Exercises: Ab exercises will help your abs show with other exercises.  Simply doing sit ups alone will not give you a 6 pack.  This is a myth that many people believe.  You will have to incorporate other fat burning exercises with your ab exercises if you want to get that 6 pack by summer.

Push Ups: Push ups may be old school, but they are very beneficial.  Doing a few reps of push ups will help you acheive the look that you want.  You will feel it in your arms and upper body.

Bicep Curls: Bicep curls with a 3 pound weight will help your flabby arms.  You will greatly benefit from bicep curls.  You can incorporate other exercises in with this one as you flex and extend your arm.  The more muscles you are working at one time, the better.

Swimming: Swimming is an excellent exercise that a person should be doing everyday.  Belonging to the YMCA is a great opportunity for you to use your Y membership and take advantage of the pool each day.  When you swimming you are using all of your muscles in your body to keep yourself afloat.  Even if you do not engage in experienced swimming strokes, you can work so many muscles by just treading water.

Squats: Doing squats is a great way to work your body.  It is an exercise that most people don’t do but they are extremely helpful.  If you are looking to build muscle, this is probably one of the best exercises that you can do.  Incorporating them with your workout is a great idea.

Renegade Rows: Renegade rows is an awesome exercise that you should be doing to work your entire upper body.  Renegade rows really are not too difficult and you will feel great after doing a few sets of them.

Lunges: Lunges will strengthen your legs and is great for your gluteus.  It will improve your ability to be more flexible in your hips and give you better balance.  You can add some hand weights and do some bicep curls while doing lunges as well.

The most common exercises that people do is walking, running and biking.  They forget about miscellaneous exercises that they should be doing that are extremely helpful.  These will help you lose body fat and build muscle in many areas of your body.  While walking and biking are both great exercises, there are other things you should be doing in addition to those to get the body you want.

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