You will need grapes of high quality in order to get a great tasting wine, this makes the grape planting and grape growing process one of the most important steps in making wine.This article will share some important information you need to know when it comes to how to grow grapes for wine.

The location is important when planting grape vines just as it is with real estate.The grape vines need a lot of sunlight to grow and by giving them best access to sunlight will help with the photosynthesis that fills the grapes with sugars that becomes alcohol after fermentation.

The health of the vine depends on what type of soil the grapevines are planted in, it is important that both sides of the vine gets an equal amount of sunlight.

You must also make sure that you plant your grape vines in a place that has good drainage because grape vines do not like really wet areas or sit in water puddles.Small grapes are perfect for wine making and you will get the best results by planting your vines in soil that is lacking nutrients, there is no need for any soil fertilizers or using compost.You can use compost or fertilizers only if the soil is so poor that not even weeds grow on it.

Plant your grape vines about six feet apart to allow space to grow.If you are planning to grow a large crop, grow the vines in rows that are about eight feet wide.You might want to plant a few extra grapevines because you will most likely lose some grapes to birds, insects or pests.You will get about one gallon of wine from each grapevine.

You will need to build a trellis for the grapevine to grow on.I recommend digging a larger hole than for the vines because the soil needs to be loose, this allows a good drainage.

How to grow grapes for wine

Tie the strongest shoot to the trellis with a piece of string the first year that your grapevine is growing, it has to be string and not wire that can damage the shoot, also make sure you clip any other shoots that grow directly from the roots.Prune your vine back once again when the vine is in the dormant season.

When the buds have begun to grow again in the spring, check the upright shoot and select the strongest shoots from it and tie them loosely to the string as they grow.When the grapes grow over the years, these shoots will become the arms of the vine.

It is a good idea to purchase a hydrometer from your local wine making supply shop, you will need it when it comes time to harvest.The hydrometer is an instrument that measures the specific gravity of liquids and it is important now when you must know the sugar content of the grapes.When the gravity is somewhere between 1.095 and 1.105 it is time to harvest the grapes.

Grape growing is a process that often takes years in order to make great wine,but the process is quite simple and is well worth the effort.You will get a great reward in the end.