Overcoming Cigarette Addiction

If you do really want to stop smoking but just finds it really difficult to stop, which it actually is according to several surveys and long-term observations, then you must consider a great amount of determination and patience to do so. Sadly, a lot of people are mentally too weak towards dealing with cigarette addiction. The fact is that there is no "silver bullet" when it comes to stop smoking, thus you have to find your own way dealing with it.

Most smokers already know how it makes it pretty much hard to stay away from. Of course, it’s already been quite common to hear about nicotine’s ultimate role that causes the addiction and that it is absorbed and enters the bloodstream, through the lungs when smoke is inhaled. Some studies show, that aside from the nicotine effect, it’s been caused by oral fixation they acquire when they were younger. Some would just say they just enjoy how the smoke goes out from their orifice. More often than not, smokers who would want to stop failed in their attempts for they lack strong will. Addiction can easily be overcome. It just needs a matter of mental conditioning.

Here are some points that would hopefully help you overcome it. We rather hope so, so please kindly consider these--- and it’s just not that you’re helping yourself; you’re also giving the liberty for others to breathe clean and fresh air. The Earth is not yours alone, so let everyone else enjoy before the aliens would take it. Now seriously, don’t be a “you know what” and take these in careful consideration:

  • Make a list of all the things that will get affected by you having lung cancer i.e. no longer have the chance to live longer or enjoy having leisure time with the opposite sex, if you know what I mean.
  • Write down positive things about yourself everyday/something you've learned/etc in a journal. It'll keep your mind off of smoking, anyhow. Just rather do it than not at all. Well, who knows, your life’s journal might become famous and even hit the big screen and help you earn millions?
  • It was said that munching on apples really help ease the temptations, same with carrots or corn on the cob. Basically anything that you have to bite into or tear helps, at least you get healthier in the process.
  • Watch programs that show you what your organs will look like when you smoke. Hopefully that will freak you out to where you don't want that to happen to you.
  • It sometimes requires an inspiration; like your girlfriend, wife, children, and even your closest friends that keep you asking to stop already. And think about the day when you die from it, they probably won’t get the joy of saying “I told you so”, because they’d be so busy crying for you.
  • There are other basic ways to stop smoking that are proven to work for many others. By using nicotine replacement products like gum, patches or electronic cigarettes. These products allow you to still get the nicotine your body craves, but the goal is to reduce nicotine levels slowly. That could be easier, though a bit costly. But hey, if you’re that willing to spend money for it then you should be proud of yourself that at least you’re finding ways dealing with it.
  • Get accustomed to running errands, working, essentially living your life without cigarettes around. Or having a long vacation to areas where they only sell cigarettes that are far worse than 2nd rate tobaccos and tastes like crap.

Just don’t lose the fight and think about the others who actually overcome it. Don't feel bad about not being able to quit through going cold turkey or by cutting down. Just don’t stop believing, hold on to the feeling--- that song wouldn’t have made them rich without that strong message lying within it.