The right keywords can make or break your SEO campaign and there are a number of SEO keyword research tools out there that are helpful for generating appropriate keywords for your SEO content and/or pay per click campaigns.

Google, the most competitive search engine today, has many of their own tools that can help you with your SEO campaign, and many in particular that can help you with your keyword research. Here are some Google run keyword research tools which you might want to consider:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Adwords is one of the top marketing programs for internet advertising and they have a keyword tool which will give you search volume statistics by keywords.

Google Search-based keyword tool

This free keyword search tool is designed to go with Google AdWords with keyword results data that are based on Google search queries.

Google Insights for Search

This free keywords search tool will help you compare search volume statistics of niche variables from different trends such as time ranges, search terms, and locations.

There are also a number of keyword research tools that are not run by Google, but are designed to be used with Google search, such as:


Used to help analyze keywords in comparison to your competitors Google search results. They have a free version that will share up to 10 listings per query and 20 results per day. They also have a few different paid subscriptions which will give you more options and results.

Though Google is one of the top search engines around, you might also want to consider keyword research tools that will take other search engine data into account. With that said, here are some other keyword research tools to consider:

Keyword Discovery by Trellian

You can compile keyword volume statistics from the major search engines around the world. Figure out phrases that are popular for you particular product or service and find out which phrases your competitors use to generate traffic. Trellian also offers their Free Search Term Suggestion Tool that you can use to generate alternative keywords with a list of the top 100 keywords used on all the major search engines.

Wordtracker You can conduct a lateral search to compare keywords with competing or related pages. Wordtracker gets their data from Dogpile and MetaCrawler, so you will have an analysis from other search engines rather than just Google. Though they require a paid subscription, they have a free keyword suggestion tool and a free keywords search tool that can be added an Internet Explorer 7 or your Firefox 2 or 3 browser.

As you can see, there are a number of great keyword research tools available. Besides finding the best keywords for your SEO campaign that includes video search marketing assistance, you will also want to remember you will want contextual purpose and compelling content or even the best keywords will be useless.