To be a film composer in the online world in this day in age, it's all about portability and efficiency, taking advantage of what modern computers and software can offer you musically. There are several tools that will be of service to any film composer seeking to produce their music individually without having to pay other musicians or rent out a studio. These tools and tips will allow you to make professional film music in your own home so you can sell your music at low prices and be a more successful composer.

The first essential tool that any private film composer will need is a MIDI keyboard. This will allow you to play and record musical parts in any instrument or sound that your software will emulate. This is the basic requirement for creating music with software instruments, so with this in mind, any film composer out there who is not sharp on the piano should start practicing.

The MIDI keyboard cannot make sound on its own, which is where your music software comes into the picture. There are several different types of software that you may need, but in order to make use of your keyboard you will want some type of music production program like Reason. These programs will have a variety of different software instruments for you to use in your film compositions, and you will be able to write parts for them and arrange them into full songs. Some of these programs will not allow you to record actual live instruments, so you may also need another recording program.

One more thing to consider is obtaining a MIDI guitar. The advantage of the MIDI guitars is that they can register expression on notes in a way that keyboards cannot. Especially for string and wind instruments, a MIDI guitar system can really add some realism to your music.

Film composers may want to get some type of music notation program for more complex orchestral work. A good example of this would be the program Finale. This software is a professional notation program that usually comes with realistic orchestral samples that can help you craft a very impressive symphony sound. It is also nice to have a score of whatever you compose, and if you plan on ever having any live orchestra play the music, this will obviously be essential.

To be an independent film composer is more possible than ever before, and if you have the right tools and equipment, you can produce professional quality music by yourself. This has benefits in getting you work by decreasing the turnaround time and also decreasing the price that you need to charge for your work.