Help Him Help Himself Find The Perfect Wedding Ring


Where Do I Start?

As you get ready for that major step in your life, there is one really important step to consider. Well, there are many steps to consider, but usually as a man, only one that you are “allowed” to consider. What kind of ring will you wear for the rest of your life? That is why a women’s touch can help along in this situation. I know that some men are not that picky when it comes to wearing rings. Some prefer the look of gold, while others like the silver coloring. The truth is there are many options available these days and just a simple search online will send your brain reeling. So how do you choose? What are your choices? I’ll see if I can simplify it a little more.


Test Drive

You don’t buy a Ferrari when you have never driven a car before, so why would you do the same with a ring? Granted, men’s rings are usually not as ornate or expensive as women’s, but they are still a large expense. And if you choose wrong, you will end up unhappy about your choice for a long time. See, I play the drums and I just knew that I would put my wedding band through some really ridiculous conditions. That’s why one day my wife and I were enjoying Fort Conde Historic site in Mobile, Alabama (don’t ask why, long story). As traditional with any tourist site, they booted us out via the gift shop. I saw a ring there for $1.99 and thought, this would be a great way to get used to wearing a ring, and see how I treat it. I was worried about losing it, breaking it, ruining it, but then after all it wasn’t even 2 bucks so I had nothing to lose. We joked about it on the way home and now four years later I wear it on my other hand. To me it was a fun experiment and then it became a sentimental “engagement” ring.


The Choices


There is Gold, Silver, Platinum, Tungsten, Diamonds, no Diamonds, Designs and anything else you can dream up. So how do you know which one to choose? The best way is to look around. Ask yourself a series of questions. What type of material am I? Do you like the look of Gold, or something silvery? Does price factor into this? Am I a flashy personality? Do I want people to comment on it all the time? All of these things went through my head at first. Then I thought to myself. I am very practical. I needed something durable and a little more hip than a traditional wedding band. Your options may be completely different. Many of my friends like the idea of a traditional gold band to signify their relationship. It certainly has stood the test of time. Amazon has a whole selection of men’s wedding rings that will cause you to go blind in searching. I say imagine in your mind what you want, then go searching. If they don’t have it, have someone make it. That can be fun too.


Decision Time


I ended up with a Tungsten Carbide ring for many reasons. I like the way it looks, it doesn’t lose its shine, it doesn’t scratch and it has a comfort fit that makes it nice and snug around my finger. Platinum was an option, so was titanium, but for me being a drummer, I didn’t want to be playing a gig and have my ring beaten and scratched. I am proud to say that after almost three years, it still looks shiny, without scratches and brand new.