Your baby may be getting up very early in the morning. Instead of letting you sleep in until 8:00, you may be getting up at 5:00 to your human alarm clock. Most likely both your baby and yourself are in a bad mood from being up so early. Nobody likes to deal with a crabby baby or a crabby adult. Luckily, there are ways to help your baby learn to sleep longer. You will be able to enjoy your daily routine everyday.

-Use her blinds. Usually parents will have blinds or curtains up in their baby's window. Sometimes these curtains are used as a decoration. There are certain blinds you can use specifically to keep the light out. Many babies are sensitive to light and may awake at sunrise. Keeping it dark in the room will definitely help your baby sleep longer. These dark shades can be found at almost any store where other blinds are sold. Keeping your baby's room darker longer can help them sleep longer.

-Eliminate any noise. Thinking about which room you are going to place your baby in before she is born is the best idea. Unfortunately, it is not something that you may think about between all the excitement and getting your other baby things purchased. Making sure her room doesn't face a busy street is a great way to allow her to sleep longer. If this arrangement cannot be made, then you can eliminate noise by putting a blanket or blinds and curtains on her window. Not only will it eliminate noise, but it will darken up the room as well. Remember, if you wake up earlier than her to keep your voices down. If someone in your house wakes up early for work, remind them to try to be as quiet as they can to allow the baby to sleep longer.

-Keep her up later at night and more often during the day. Keeping her up as late as you and she can handle will help her sleep in longer. Although it is important to stabilize a bedtime at some point in time, it may help both of you out now to keep her awake with you. You may be putting her to bed at 8:00 p.m. because you think that it is the right thing to do. Keeping her up until you go to bed around 10:00 may help her sleep longer in the morning. Also, keeping her busy with various activities during the day will be helpful to her as she will not want to nap as often. The less naps she has during the day, the more she will sleep at night. It is essential to avoid laying her down for a nap late at night. If it is after 5:00 at night, you should try to hold on the naps. Keep her entertained by talking to her and showing her toys. If she takes a short nap around 5:00 she is not going to want to sleep as long during the night.

-Keep it positive for your baby. Yelling at your baby for waking up early and being in a bad mood with her will give her negative energy. It is not her fault that she is waking up early. There is absolutely no reason to take it out on your baby. If you do, she may become frustrated at your actions which could cause confusion. This may turn a good relationship into a poor one. It is best to always create a positive atmosphere for your baby to be in.

-Leave her alone in her crib for a few minutes. If she is screaming for more than ten minutes, you may want to go get her. However, going to pick her up at her first whine will teach her that all she has to do is cry and mommy or daddy will come to get her. This is not something that you want her to think. It is significant to teach your child at a early age that she will have to do things on her own and someone won't always be there to help her. It is important that you leave her be for about 5 minutes when she first wakes up. You can keep a few safe toys in the crib for her to keep herself occupied until you go get her. Plushy stuffed animals and blankets are not good things to have in her crib because of the risk of suffocation however, there are many toys that can be connected to the crib. Baby mirrors and lights can be attached to the crib for her to play with when she wakes up. Distracting her with toys won't make her as likely to cry the second she wakes up.

-Don't feed her right when she wakes up. She could possibly be waking up early in the morning because she is hungry. If she is used to eating right when she wakes up at 5:00 then that is what her schedule and tummy is going to tell her. If you get in the habit of waiting to feed her she won't be as hungry in the morning. While starving your baby is definitely not the answer, your baby should be able to eat just a couple hours later than she is used to. This schedule can be changed rather quickly. Also, feeding her later at night won't make her as hungry in the morning. Try to give your baby a bottle right before you are ready to go to sleep.

By sticking to these tips, you should start to see a change in your baby's schedule rather quickly. While it won't be able to change the next night, you should start noticing changes within the very next week. You will benefit from your baby's new schedule. Your baby will also benefit as it leaves you with a happier baby. Starting this schedule right at birth will teach your baby to sleep in longer. If you are up often to check out her, she may be able to sense that and will want to be awake with you.