In todays competitive market children need more than every to succeed in school.  Here are some great ways to help your child succeed

  • Push your child to go above and beyond.

Many people, don't want to push their child too far but a little push  is necessary to succeed. Try to help your child get A's in school. Don't settle for a B or C. An A is a must. Many parents are content with their child getting a B but in this tough world and A is a must. It is not very difficult to get an A if you try and asking for an A is not to much. Even if your child hates you now because you are pushing them, in the long-term, they will thank you


  • Make sure your child is getting a good night  of sleep.

Many kids today are going to sleep at 10pm,11pm and even 12am. It is essential to get a good night sleep. Doctors recommend at least 8 hours of sleep for kids. Make sure your child is getting that. Tired children tend to underperform in school. Plus a good night's sleep makes people feel more energized in the morning.


  • Spend time working with your child on subject they struggle in.

Working one on one with a child is important. Everyone has classes they excel in and classes they struggle with. It is a great idea to help your child with the classes they struggle with by working one on one with them. There is no need to pay 40 dollars an hour for a tutor. Sometimes a little help from a parent can make all the difference.


  • Be a role model. Don't do things that you wouldn't want your child to do.

Even if you didn't get the best grades in school it is still important to model for your child. In everyday life we have to read, study calculate things and if your child sees that you are using math to figure out your taxes or your bill they might see that and follow your example. Even if you are not good at a subject try so your child can see you are trying and not giving up. Many kids follow their parents example in a big way.from little things like washing your hands before you eat to paying someone else to do your work for you.


  • Give your child Incentives

Incentives are great ways to help your child succeed. By simple offering them 20 dollars for every A they get you can raise their grades up. You might not realize it but you give a lot of incentives. If you say be good and i'll buy you this you are giving an incentive to be good. In school incentives work great. Offer your child a reward for doing well. It can really make a difference. Even if they are doing it just for the award it is worth it. In Chicago a study was done where the school paid students 50 dollars to get passing grades in all their classes. The study showed that about 10% of the students preformed better in school. This test was done at a highschool but if i was done at a middle or elementary school the results may have been even better.

  The tips listed above are great tips for helping your child succeed. Just because your child isn't the smartest in the class does not mean they cannot succeed.  Americans are facing tough job markets and when kids come out of college or highschool they struggle to find a good job. With a great education and skills  your child can find a job in this and any market. Start teaching now. The earlier you start the better.

    An important part of having your child succeed is having a good and safe environment to work at home.  Just because you live in a dangerous neighborhood does not mean you cannot have a safe and quiet place to work at home. This is the most essential part of learning. Being able to work with a peace of mind and devote all your energy to the task at hand. If you want to learn more about helping your child succeed in school go to this article. In the article you will learn even more tips on how to get your child or yourself to do well in school.