If your three-year-old daughter wants to imitate you by picking up the laundry and handing it to you or deposit it herself in the washing machine, let her. She is showing you that she wants to help and it is a bonding experience for the two of you. It is just mom and her, the two girls in the family. They can talk and do things and have special time. Simple chores teach kids how to keep things neat, packed away, and that these are daily chores. Let her help with the easy things such as whisking the eggs or stirring the rice which has cooled down or shelling the peas for the night’s supper. She will feel important given such a task and it raises her self-esteem.  Just be careful with a gas stove and big hair to prevent any accidents; get a plastic screen for the front of the stove.

 Ameera stirring riceCredit: Rayda Jacobs

Kitchen safety when helping mom

Accidents can happen in the kitchen and it is wise to make your kitchen safe by telling her never to switch on the gas stove without asking you first. You also do not want her to switch on the oven unless you have asked her. Keep the knives in a drawer out of her reach. Get into the habit of always explaining why you are doing a particular thing such as rinsing the rice before boiling it or putting the potatoes into the pot at a particular time. If she has a brother that is younger than her she will most likely be the big sister and widen the bonding circle. Brothers and sisters are very protective of one another. As a parent you increase the likelihood of raising children with good manners and a healthy attitude.  Helping in the house is a family commitment.


Kitchen a good place to bond

The kitchen is very much mom’s domain, but if little Johnny wants to help too, let him. There is nothing as rewarding as a family sitting down together to have a good meal they have all participated in. If you have an outdoor barbecue, teach him how to handle the grille and let him pour the juice for the table. Bonding with your kids makes for easy communication, one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal of tricks. Keep the lines open and lap up the affection. All too soon they are grown up and on their own.