Heling shy children
Here are some tips for helping shy children and how you can deal with this problem. Shyness in kids may be caused by many reasons including heredity, emotional deprivation, absence of one or
both parents and socioeconomic considerations.

There might be other reasons such as being obese or spoiling the child by the parents. You can help your child cope and develope better social skills by following these simple but valuable tips:

  • Avoid criticising EVERY thing he does. Give him advice in a quite and calm tone and never say bad things about him in front of his/her friends or family members.

  • Keep him away from stress and life trouble. Provide sympathy and listen to his fears, troubles and reassure him. Help him raise his self esteem and gain some confidence in himself and in you by showing him that you care and encouraging him and talking about his good deeds in front of others and showing them that he has his own personality. Avoid giving him continuous orders in front of others.

  • Don't over-do things. Don't spoil him and avoid excess fear. You don't have to give him orders about every small detail, he can do somethings by himself, show him that he can do alot and that you trust him on many things.

  • Don't force him to particular friends or go to specific places. Give him some freedom under your observation and guidance, do not influence every choice he makes.

    How to help a shy child
How to help a shy child participate in social activities:
  • Try to get him involved in social life, invite and visit relatives and friends with kids and encourage them to play together.

  • Don't show him that you worry about him very much when he has to do simple things. Let him try and achieve something without your help. Only intervene when he really needs your help.

  • Always than him, encourage him and praise him in front of others.

  • Encourage him to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities.

  • Give him some space while playing. Don't ruin it by setting too close to him when he is with his friends.

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