Currently thousands of homeless people are living on the streets around the world. We tend to forget about them as they blend into our surroundings and we continue on with our life's. Understanding them will never happen, but we as an individual can do our part to help the homeless any way we can.

A lot of the homeless people we encounter on the street are not there-by-there choice at all. Walking by people on the street corner has become the normal. Millions of the homeless are there due to bad money management, to drug abuse and military injuries. Solders come home all of the time waiting for the welcoming that they deserve and find that many if not all of the people they grew up with left them. Then there are the people who choose to live the life of being homeless. They do not want to have bills, and worries, and no one bothering them. Homeless people are like every one of us.

Ways to Help:

Say hello.

A small hello to the homeless can be a lifting event for them. They live there day with almost no communication or any one showing them any sign of living. So next time you see someone looking homeless, give them a taste of being someone important and say hello. If you see a veteran sitting on the ground go up to them and shake their hand and say thanks. Not every homeless person wants to be in there position.

Help out in Soup Kitchen/ Shelter

Helping out in a soup kitchen will likely open your eyes to the life of the homeless. Not many of the homeless people are privileged to a good hot meal. It is likely that the only hot meal they eat will be with about 100 other people waiting in line for soup and bread. Volunteers are encouraged to arrive half an hour before the meal to help prep. Prepping includes setting up the tables and getting the food set up. This will be a perfect time to say hello as we have talked about earlier. A lot of people will come in with every thing they own so a lot of people will not have space. Turning the tables over is a must, but can be done with proper conversation. Just remember that you enjoy eating and so do homeless people.

Not every one in a shelter is over the age of 18. Many teenagers are currently trying to make it on the street. By donating your time in the shelters you can make a difference in a teenagers life. Schools in shelters are at a minimal, but they are there. Choose a subject from life skills and try to help out by teaching the homeless the skill.Help Donate

Donating Items

You can also help the homeless by donating items to the local shelter or pantry. Donating items can be but not limited to, food cleaning supplies, cloths and ect. Basic daily needs are limited to the individuals receiving help. The shelters are all non-profit which means they cannot make money. They are run by the many donations received yearly. Seeing a homeless person on the street with no hat makes me sad so every time I go out I like to bring extra hats and hand them out to the people who need them. Giving just a moment of your time may help the person in the future.

With these simple and easy tips, we all can do our parts in helping the homeless.