Help your kids have an organized area


Have you been shying away from helping your kids organize their rooms? If your answer is yes, now is the time for you to stamp your feet and say no to such scenes as tossed toys, heaped clothes, overflowing drawers and messy beds. Continually throwing up your hands in exasperation will in no way, help the situation but taking charge and showing your children how they can maximize space and be more comfortable when they keep their rooms clean will help the situation. I want to point out that you should not do this alone, the children should be actively involved because that is the only way they will learn the necessary skill of organizing their spaces, even as adults.

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Listed below are some tips you can use while helping your kids organize their rooms. 

  • De-clutter the room: Whether you like it or not, even though there is a playroom in the home for your kids, they would always play in their rooms and because of this, you always find their room stuffed or scattered with assorted toys and clothes. If this is the case, get hold of your garbage bag and with the kids right beside you, get rid of those toys and clothes they have outgrown. You can donate such items to charity or dispose them properly.
  • Create a closet system: If your kids do not have a closet system, it is necessary to create one for them. If however, they have one and are not making use of it because it is inconveniencing, try modifying such closet and making it easy to use. You can do this by ensuring that the hangers are at a level where they can easily reach them. You should also create labeled drawers and spaces for sweaters, socks, underwear and lots more. It will be more fun if you allow the kids to choose which compartments are right for which items; they like that sense of ownership and pride.
  • Make room for enough storage space: Still on helping your kids organize their rooms, often times a closet isn't enough for your kids and if this is the case, they will still end up scattering clothes and toys all over their room. If you don’t want to go for two closets, you can get them a bed that also doubles as storage unit with drawers beneath and for their reading table, it could be such that has a chest for storing their toys. You can call it killing two birds with a stone.
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  • Ease of Access: Children easily get frustrated when they have difficulties carrying out certain functions. Based on this, in your plan to end untidiness in their room, don’t make things too difficult for them. For example, if the kids are still very young and cannot easily open the closet doors, you can have the door removed or kept permanently open. You can also keep low bins and baskets for them to put in their dirty clothes instead of high bins and baskets.

Now with all these, helping your kids organize their rooms will no longer be an enormous task because with the above tips, they will learn to keep their rooms tidy most of the time.