So you’ve decided to homeschool your children. More than likely, your reason for homeschooling is as varied as there are children on the earth. But you’ve made the decision. So now what? What are you going to teach your child? There are methods and curricula for teaching the little tike, but how should you go about it. At this point the realization should settle in that that you’ve decided to buck the system and place the education of your child for the next 2 to 3 years (that’s the average time) in your own hands. The most important thing to determine is how does your child learn. Are they the type that needs interaction from a teacher (now you)? Does he/ she need to be hands on and crafty? Is there improvement needed in one of the subjects that is prohibiting them from moving forward? 

  It’s my personal recommendation that if you’re going to homeschool your child, then it is imperative that you teach him to be a self-learner. Why you may ask? Teaching your child to be a self learner will better prepare you child for learning on their own sooner as well as it being something that will aid them as an adult. The self-learning method of homeschooling is by for the foundation of all learning that they will have to do for the rest of their adult life. One may ask well “What is the best way to start my child on the self learning method”? The answer is very simple. The first thing is to teach your child how to read as soon as possible. Now understand that reading is more than just spitting out words on a page, but also being able to comprehend and recall what has been read as well. As the saying goes, reading is fundamental and it does in fact take some mental to make it fun. 

As your child becomes more of a self learner some characteristics will develop within them. First, they will become more of an independent thinker. This is a quality that will give them confidence in their thinking process. Second, you child will learn to accept responsibility. As an independent self-learner you child will realize that that they need to accept responsibility for their completing tasks set before them. Additionally, “I don’t know how” becomes a useless excuse that will fade from their repertoire. Your child will have the courage to delve into areas of interest to study without having to wait for a teacher (you!) to teach it. 

By all means the first step in the homeschooling process (in order for it to be successful), is to teach your child the habits of being a self-learner. Its something that they will never forget.