Getting Stronger with Hemp Protein

What is the most important thing that athletes need in order to improve their performance?  The answer is protein, which is the building block of basically everything in your body.  The other components of the body include water, fats, and carbohydrates, the latter of which are used mainly for energy and energy storage.  But protein is what comprises your most important features, and is found in everything from your skin to your heart.  And when it comes to building muscle, nothing beats out protein.  

If you have been an athlete for a long time, then you already know why protein is important.  When you work out, your muscles tear, and then regrow into larger structures.  During that growth phase, the body incorporates new amino acids into the existing protein structure of muscles.  Amino acids are the fundamental blocks that make up complex proteinhemps, and you need to get a wide variety of amino acids into your diet so that you have access to the complete assortment of acids that your body cannot produce on its own.  The problem is that most foods we eat do not have all the amino acids, and those that do usually have low quality protein.  Protein should not only be complete, meaning that it has all the essential amino acids (the ones your body cannot manufacture by itself), but it should also be digestable.  That is why hemp protein is the best protein out there.  It has every single amino acids in its structure, not just the essential ones, and it comes in the most bioavailable form.  This is due to the protein being globulin edestin, the most simple protein possible, meaning that it is easy to break down.  It is awesome how fast you can get strong with this, simply because of the nature of the protein.

There are yet more reasons that athletes should take hemp seed seriously when it comes to their training.  Not only do you need protein in order to get stronger, but you need energy to get to that point.  If all you had was protein, then you would die, as the body requires other things to survive.  Hemp seed also has satisfactory amounts of the carbohydrates and essential fatty acids you need for energy, as wel as your overall health.  The more EFAs you are getting, the better your heart will function, and considering how important a good heart is to athletes, this is a benefit that cannot be undervalued.

The best part is there are so many great products out there which incorporate hemp seed into the most easy to consume form.  If you want to get a lot of hemp protein at once, you can use a protein powder.  Or you can drink hemp milk, which is simply a mixture of hemp seed, water, and other vitamins and flavorings.  There are also advanced hemp seed concentrates which use advanced processes to make the seed even more available to your system than normal.  If you utilize even a few of these sources of hemp protein, then you will start to feel strength unlike anything you have experienced before in your life.  That is a promise that I can stand behind with everything in me!