The True Power of Hemp Nutrition

What Hemp Can Do For You

The perfect superfood is not the traditional acai, mangosteen, noni, goji, cacao, or any of those other things you have probably heard about.  While I am not putting those down, and enjoy them myself, there is no doubt it my mind they are far from the most powerful superfood out there.  That title will always be held by hemp seed, which can really be called the best food on the planet.  Unlike the aforementioned berries, you can survive virtually only on hemp seed, because it has everything you need to live.  It also contains the prized antioxidants that have gave other superfoods their position in the first place.  But more important than antioxidants is the basics, which it seems people have lost sight of.  Specifically, the basics are protein, fats, and carbohydrates, and hemp has the highest quality protein, fats, and carbohydrates of any food. 

What makes hemp seed's nutrients so much better than alternative sources of these same nutrients?  Let's start with protein.  There are three components that determine the ultimate quality of protein in a food: The number of amino acids, the amount of protein, and the type of protein.  There are eight essential amino acids and two semi-essential amino acids, and hemp seed has all of them.  Not only that, but there is indeed a lot of protein; 33% of the weight of hemp seed is protein.  That's two out of three, but what about the type of protein?  Hemp seed comes through there as well, with the highest amount of globulin edestin of any plant in the world.  Edestin is the most bioavailable protein of any protein type, and considering the other type is albumin (found naturally in blood plasma), it's clear hemp seed stands out on top.

And what would a superfood be without super nutrients?  While many things have Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids, hemp seed is one of the only nutrients with high quantities of Super Omega-3 and Super Omega-6.  These types of fatty acids are more bioavailable and effective than their non-super counterparts.  Few other plants even have significant quantities of these Super Essential Acids, so you might as well get it from hemp seed.

Believe it or not, hemp seed has yet more benefits.  Nature didn't think that the best protein and the best essential fatty acids were enough.  It also had to give hemp seed the highest quality fiber and mineral assortment, and considering that minerals are so important for a variety of bodily functions, this is also a feature that should be highly respected.