Do you suffer from hemroids or do you know someone that does suffer from Hemroids? If so you are not alone, many millions upon millions of people out there are susceptible to this common health problem and the numbers of its condition only seem to be growing more and more each year. With some common changes, some effort and a better lifestyle you can get some relief from this condition.

Constipation and HemroidsCredit: are some Hemroid Relief Tips to reduce and conquer this condition:

  1. When you sit, sit on a comfortable seat that does not put much pressure on your butt. This is not really natural anyway, instead try to sit less and exercise more.
  2. Like i said exercise more will reduce hemroids, this is such an important aspect of change to stop them once and for all.
  3. Use a natural cream such as H-Hemorrhoids, this will help reduce inflammation and ease itchiness and discomfort.
  4. Learn the causes of your Hemroids, is it diet, is it from over sitting, is it from being overweight?
  5. If you are overweight, it is time to lose that weight which can have a big effect on hemroids.
  6. Eat more fibre rich foods such as Chia Seeds, Pysillium husks, oats. This will help you better during bowel movements giving you better emptying and less straining a common cause of hemroids.
  7. Eat more vegetables and fruit. This goes without saying and you should already know this one. They will help the bodies digestion and be a good softener for bowel movements.
  8. Eat Less Meat.. I know meat is great, but eating too much can cause hemroids, so reduce the intake and increase the intake of vegetables instead, this is a healthy start.
  9. Try not to strain when going to the toilet as i mentioned earlier, this is important.
  10. Use non bleached toilet paper as bleach is a common cause of hemroid irritation.
  11. Use hemroid pillows when one must sit for long periods of time, these can also be used in the car and can give some much needed relief.
  12. Avoid spicy food, these will irritate the hemroids causing inflammation making them more itchy and more painful.
  13. Use epsom bath salts for relaxation and to reduce the size of the hemroids. Salt is very soothing and reduces itching as well.
  14. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and this also helps digestion and liver function.
  15. Consider taking good pro biotics to help digestion such as inner health plus.
  16. Consider using good enzymes to increase digestive aid. These can help hemroids by keep bowels cleansed better.
  17. Get a good allergy check to make sure an allergy is not causing your hemroids to be triggered.
  18. Also consider getting yourself checked for Candida, a known problem that can cause hemroids.
  19. Make sure to reduce the chance of constipation as constipation aggrevates hemroids heaps.

Do any of the tips and advice relate to you with your Hemroids? If so, use the ones that relate to give you some much needed relief from this condition. The more you change yourself to a healthier lifestyle the more likely that your hemroid condition will just be that, a condition of the past.