Recently in my research on water features I stumbled across the " Henri Fountains " home page and these folks are true artisans of the craft with many styles colors as well as applications for most any theme. The artist at Henri Fountains have truly inspired me.

It seems that their family heritage starts in Italy where most of the world's best sculptors are born. With the desire for a better life he brought his skills to the United States some 60 years ago. Since then he has established his company as one of the foremost leaders in cast Statuaries.

Henri Fountains - Stone FountainsComing from a Natural stone background I have set up walls thinking that "Natural Stone" creations were the only way to go. Not knowing that these cast started from the same slate I did with my Natural Stone creations. Henri Fountains has a unique way of presenting one of a kind beauty to the masses where in my world I focused on just the singular stone.

I've been an artisan in many textures for as long as I can remember and have been in the Landscape industry for more than 15 years. Well, I would say the last 7 years which are focused on Natural Stone Creations. These include Custom stone water fountains, bubblers, waterfalls and really just about anything to do with water in the landscape or home. I have also developed a unique technique for layering recycled glass in natural stone to create landscape lighting that is rich in texture and again one of a kind.Henri Fountains - Stone Lighting

Like the Henri Fountains, most of these vessels are self contained water features which means the water will circulate from a single media by re-circulating the water, certain pros and cons arise.

One of the benefits is that your water source is contained in one self sustained unit which makes it easier to detect leaks. This makes any type of trouble shooting very minimal. The down side is that these type of units will eventually evaporate and need manual filling. In addition - these units can sometimes be hard to clean . and keep clean. In essence, they smell bad!

Now that I see that we're both artisans in the pursuit of beautifying the landscape I can now appreciate how they do it - many times over! The simplicity of their product at Henri Fountains helps the consumer in many ways. From the ease in installation down to the care of your water feature once installed.

It is the Artist at Henri Fountains who creates the cast and from their hard work it is brought to life by the molding of concrete or other cementatious products to the form. But, it all starts first with the artisans vision. I have always felt that I have had that vision, all my life - but limited it to natural stone creations thinking one was better than the other. Henri Fountains - LimestoneAnd I still do.... to a point.

My instruction came by way of working with natural stone only. I never used clay, wood or any other form to bring my art to life. Now that my ideas have changed, I will do my best to promote Henri Fountains.