Henry Hatsworth is a puzzle platformer developed by EA Tiburon and released in North America on March 17, 2009. 


The story involves the adventures of the eponymous Henry Hatsworth going on a quest to find the "Golden Suit", a set of clothing that gives the wearer a control of the Puzzle Realm.

The game plays like an action platformer on the top screen and the bottom screen plays like Nintendo's Puzzle League series. While the top screen is where the the player traverses the environment, the bottom screen puzzle is used to activate power-ups and build super meter for special attacks. Using the money earned by defeating enemies or collecting treasure, the player can return to Hatsworth's assistant's shop to buy various upgrades.


 Henry can attack with his cane-sword and a variety of projectile attacks that can be upgraded between levels. His melee attack is simple but rewarding because he can perform combos on enemies that generate more points. Henry's projectile attacks are more flexible but costly as the cost him a portion of his super meter. The ranged attacks are effective and satisfying but become impractical when certain environmental puzzles require a certain weapon and there are no enemies to drop it.


One of the other notable thing about this game is its surprisingly high difficulty. While some may find a few levels in the game unfairly hard (specifically the fish boss), I think that difficulty was refreshing and rarely frustrating. With many new games hand-holding the player its good to see a game that even bothers to test the players skill.

The visual design of the enemies, levels, and Hatsworth himself are very endearing and well drawn, but the graphics of the are allot more restrained and feel out of place with the energetic style of the top screen.


Henry Hatsworth was a surprisingly good game especially from a company like EA. The puzzle mechanics, amusing story, and smooth gameplay turn what would have been an average platformer into a unique and entertaining experience.



Henry Hatsworth & the Puzzling Adventure Calisto789 2014-01-01 4.5 0 5