Meet the Hugglemonsters is a Hit!

Disney Junior has exploded over the past several years with characters preschoolers have fallen in love with. First, in 2011, came Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Based on the popular Peter Pan characters, a young Jake and his group of friends search for treasure, hoping to find it before Captain Hook and Mr. Smee do!

In March 2012, Disney debuted Doc McStuffins and her array of stuffies whom she not only “cures“, but teaches them life lessons . Each episode has songs to help get these important points across. Doc McStuffins was a very important program, because it was the first animated Disney Junior show to have an African-American as the lead character.

After a smash debut in her full length movie in November 2012, Sofia the First landed her own program in January 2013. Full of songs and the trials and tribulations of learning how to be a princess, Sofia the First fans have made it the number one cable television series for children in the preschool age group and their caregivers, a much coveted group for advertisers.

In the spring of 2013, a new family moved onto the Disney Junior block-the Hugglemonsters! Henry Hugglemonster is the star of the show that bears his name.

Henry Hugglemonster Theme Song

A "Roarsome" Group of Characters

Henry, who lives in the town of Roarsville, is part of an intact family of six. There is father Daddo and his mother Momma. Cobby is his older brother and Summer is his older sister. Henry is the third child, and then comes the baby, Ivor. Henry’s grandparents, Nan-oh and Grando, are also a big part of his life and can be seen in several episodes.

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Of course, what would a children’s program be without best friends and buddies? Henry has a few, like Estelle, who is part of the Enormomonsters family and Denzel Dugglemonster, who is Henry’s best friend and an expert at digging.

This DVD  DVD contains 144 minutes of Huggleriffic fun!  Your preschoolers will be enthralled time after time as they watch Henry solve his problems and listen to the infectious music that is a part of each episode.

Why Do Kids Love Henry Hugglemonster?

This show is another monster hit for the Disney Junior brand because Henry acts just like the target audience. He is neither acting “too old” or “too babyish”, so parents do not have to worry about his behavior being inappropriate, which is problem that arises on many children’s programs.

In each 11 minute episode, Henry Hugglemonster learns to navigate the trials and tribulations of being a kid. Sometimes he does not ask for help when he needs it, and other times when others need assistance, Henry shows up to help them solve their problem.

While the children do not “get it”, they are exposed to all kinds of life lessons about things like kindness and cooperation. This is done in a gentle manner, not in a preachy or obvious one.

Disney has come out with the first season of Henry Hugglemonster on DVD.  Your kids will be asking for it!

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Roarsome Tales is also another great gift to give children who are fans of the show.