Hepa Vacuum Cleaners – Eureka Bagless Vacuum

Hepa Vacuum Cleaners - Eureka Bagless Vacuum

If you're shopping for a vacuum cleaner, you may want to find one of the hepa vacuum cleaners since a hepa is a filter that captures up to 99% of the dust, particles, dust mites, allergens and pet hairs in your home to provide a cleaner and allergy free home and reduces the chances of skin dermatitis.


Upright cleaners are a great choice for anyone with back problems, injuries or health issues that make bending or lifting your equipment a difficult chore. This vacuum weighs less than twenty pounds and has a cord of thirty feet and all attachments are housed neatly right inside the machine for immediate access whenever needed.


The Eureka bagless vacuum is an excellent choice in bagless uprights for ease of use, maintenance, power paw and dusting attachments as well as this having a powerful suction ability and height adjustments for any type of flooring. Eureka is a popular brand - my mother had one years ago when I was a teen and hers is still going - has many styles and choices for vacuums and my preference even without having any pets is the Pet Expert.


How to Use the Eureka Bagless Vacuum – Pet Expert

The Pet Expert is an upright vacuum with several attachments that make vacuuming faster and easier. Place a foot on the handle release to allow the handle to be used for self propelling vacuum cleaning. There is also a headlight in front of the pet expert allowing easier vision of the area being cleaned and is especially nice for anyone with impaired vision.

Power Paw – The power paw is an attachment that can be added to the end of the hose for picking up any type of dirt or debris and makes cleaning pet hair from upholstery a quick and easy process. Even if you don't have pets, the power paw provides a powerful suction for picking up any type of dirty mess on furniture or the stairs.

Dusting Brush – Use the dusting brush at the end of the hose to dust all furniture, corners of the room, doors or woodwork as you work your way around the room making cleaning much faster and easier than needing a separate dusting cloth.

Crevice Tool – Use the crevice tool at the end of the hose for very hard to reach spaces such as behind large appliances, between the stove and cabinetry or inside the fabric of sofa or chairs.


Hepa Vacuum Cleaners – Maintenance of the Eureka Bagless Vacuum

A bagless vacuum eliminates the need to change bags and makes much less dust in the home due to all dust collecting in a dust cup instead. After using it, simply remove the dust cup at the front of the Pet Expert, release the bottom lid and empty all debris into a garbage can. Rinse out container and allow the unit to dry fully before returning the dust cap by simply clicking back into place.

Hepa Vacuum Cleaners

Hepa filter cleaning – The hepa filter is located at the bottom of the dust cap and can be removed easily, rinsed, allowed to dry completely and replaced. Hepa filter replacement is recommended every six months for optimum results with this vacuum.

Other maintenance that can be done on the pet expert bagless vacuum includes checking or changing the belt by removing the base, changing the headlight light bulb located behind the hepa filter and washing the brush roll at the bottom of the machine.


Warranty of the Hepa Vacuum Cleaner – Pet Expert

A limited warranty of one year comes with this cleaner and cover any and all replacement of exterior parts that are defective or damaged by the manufacturer so make sure to fill out the registration card that comes with your machine to cover your warranty.


Where to Buy Hepa Vacuum Cleaners – Eureka Bagless Vacuum

Search for these vacuum cleaners online in order to do the best comparison shopping in the comfort of your home while also looking for the best price, free shipping and also take note that additional parts or accessories will also be available online at eureka, amazon or any department or hardware stores that carry this popular brand of vacuum cleaner. Find Eureka bagless vacuum cleaners at prices ranging from $80 - $110.

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Pet Expert

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