Hepatitis exposure results from disease in the blood or fluids in the body. Hepatitis can be contracted via drug use or sexual intercourse via another contaminated human as well. Some of the symptoms of Hepatitis B are vomiting, liver damage and inflammation as well as jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes). Some fatalities have resulted from Hepatitis B however death is very unusual.

Advanced Hepatitis B may result in cancer of the liver and cirrhosis (Cirrhosis is a result of chronic liver disease characterized by a replacement of liver tissue by fibrosis, scar tissue and regenerative nodules). Although Hepatitis is a liver malady is can still multiply to other areas of the body via the blood. Hepatitis is normally contracted via deprived health habits. Some of its signs of onset are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fever, dark urine, body aches, and eventually jaundice.

The acute illness causes liver inflammation, vomiting, jaundice and, sometimes death. Chronic hepatitis B may eventually cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer-a fatal malady with very unfortunate response to current chemotherapy. Sickness by the virus occurs gradually but at a certain moment it causes changes in the liver. It is also called "Tender killer".

It frenquently inflicts extreme damage on the liver without any external symptoms. (There may be no jaundice and no changes to the color of urine and feces). A person simply begins to feel fatigue, irritability and headaches. The infection is preventable by vaccination. A highly successful treatment option for those with Hepatitis B is the Deta-AP.02 The Deta-AP.02 works automatically. All programs will be activated one after another. Total duration of the program is 9 hours. The instrument should be turned on once a day for 9 hours and placed near you while the program does the work. You can either turn on the apparatus in the morning and hang it on the belt or neck or place it with you in bed before you go to sleep. Try to turn on the instrument at the same time each day.

If, after several days, you feel noticeable changes in the mood and light dizziness, know that the reason for this is the intoxication of organism by dead viruses. Individual ability to remove toxins varies. In this case lower the use of the appliance to once every 2 days. If you already have cirrhosis, you should use an imachine once every 3 days in order to reduce the load of removing toxins and dead viruses on the liver. Complete recovery occurs in 85% of the cases.

This process can take anywhere from 45 to 180 days. We recommend taking the first tests after 75 days. 45 days is the minimum period of treatment and 30 days is the period for the organism to get rid of the dead viruses. Never stop the use of the machine after 45 days. Stop ONLY when tests show the absence of the virus in the organism. The other scenario is if you fall among those 15% of the people who do not achieve full recovery. However, the number of the viruses in your body will be lowered considerably and the biochemical indices of the liver will be improved. This will be confirmed by tests. Several clinics are at work to achieve a rate of recovery higher than 85% via this treatment method.