“Her” is a movie that falls in the drama/comedy genre and features the story of a working man that falls for the intelligent operating system on his computer.  The movie was produced by the director Spike Jonze and starred Joaquin Phoenix as the main character.  The voice of the computer is done by the actress Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and Olivia Wilde also star in the movie as supporting characters.  

Creation of the movie

The movie script was composed by Spike Jonze and took almost six months to complete the first draft.  Jonze had always pictured having Joaquin Phoenix play the main character but took time to convince him to play the part and it wasn’t until the movie rights were sold to Warner Bros. that he agreed to join the project.  The movie was filmed and edited in just over a year and Jonze worked with Eric Zumbrunnen and Jeff Buchanan to complete the project.  The movie was released on October 12, 2013 with the world premier and generally available in January of 2014 and then available on DVD in May of 2014.


Plot of the Movie

The movie presents a topic which has become more prevalent in the world today as computers and technology continue to become more evolved.  The main character of the movie is named Theodore Twombly, played by Joaquin Phoenix, who is an extremely quiet man who prefers to work alone with his computers.  His job involves writing romantic letters for people who are not able to do so themselves.  He is also going through a difficult divorce from the woman he has known his entire life named Catherine.  When he begins to struggle with his writing at work he decides to purchase an operating system for his computer that has a special artificial intelligence program that can learn and evolve as it interacts with the user.  He configures this AI to be a female entity and have female characteristics.  The voice of the system is done by Scarlett Johansson.  The more he uses the system the more it evolves an begins to learn about loving and being alive and she provides a constant female companionship for Twombly that helps to fill a void in his emotional life and gives new interest in his writing.  

Her full movie review

As the movie continues Twombly encounters another user friend he knew in college who also has the AI program.  They compare notes about the programs and also their impending divorces.  Twombly finally builds up the nerve to sign the divorce papers and move on with his life and meets with his ex-wife at a restaurant.  During the course of the meal and signing the papers he tells her about the AI program that he has been using.  His ex-wife begins to accuse him of hiding from human contact and favoring a computer over real intimacy with a person.  This prompts Twombly to try and find a way to interact with the AI program using a surrogate for intimacy.  This experiment goes bad and causes tension with the AI program and Twombly.  The AI program continues to evolve and seek out other programs to interact with and finally she confesses to Twombly that she has been connecting with thousands of other AI entities and has developed romantic feelings for at least six hundred of them.  This causes Twombly to split from his AI girlfriend and return to the human world where he meets back up with his female friend and they discuss issues with their AI breakups together while they watch the sun rise.
The movie has many well-played scenes that show the genuine struggles and heartbreak that the characters face as they struggle with loss and acceptance.  The movie is well filmed with excellent cinematography and will be an enjoyable movie for a variety of audiences to enjoy.

her movie review

Rewards and Accolades

The film was chosen as the best film by the National Board of Review Awards in the year 2013 and shared the best film award with Gravity that was awarded by the Los Angeles Films Critics Association.  Additionally, there were three Golden Globe Award nominations for best picture, screenplay and actor and the director Spike Jonze also winning several awards.
In conclusion, the movie presents a scenario that could happen and shows the struggles and trials that could ensue for such a situation.   If you are looking for an enjoyable film then check out “Her” and you will have 90 minutes of viewing pleasure.

"Her" 2013 Star Rating

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