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There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to someone else, no matter how much a person loves his/her partner – but when one starts flirting, then, that’s when the trouble begins. If you think that your wife is on the verge of cheating, it is best to address the problem early on even before it affects your relationship. Knowing the reasons why women cheat can help you avoid this huge problem altogether.

A woman feels neglected or she’s not emotionally happy

According to studies, a romantic love has a ‘shelf life’ of about 6 months to one year and after that, the passion and the excitement gradually wither and the relationship will somehow stay on a more relaxed level. The usual problem that most relationships face is the feeling of becoming too familiar with everything - that there’s-nothing-new-and-interesting happening anymore. After years of marriage, couples tend to become too comfortable with each other that sometimes they behave without thinking. Compliments are now hard to come by. You ignore your wife’s new dress or new hairstyle, you forget about those simple yet important things that make her feel special.

Remember that if they won’t admit it, most women want to feel appreciated and loved. If you don’t give her the attention that she needs (playing video games or spending time with your friends rather than being with her), you’ll wake up one morning and realize that she’s dressing up for someone else and before you know it, she’s giving all the things to that man, even things that should have been exclusively yours.

Your woman is having trouble with her self-confidence

Experts say that one of the reasons why women cheat is when a woman starts having confidence issues. This is especially true for married women who feel as if they are stuck inside the house with nothing to do but house chores and look after the kids every single day. If this kind of situation keeps up, she will start feeling undesirable and when she finally meets someone who flatters her and gives her more attention than you do, it would definitely boost her self-confidence. This man would be her ‘knight in shining armor’, someone whom she could connect with emotionally. And what started as an innocent friendship would then lead into something more romantic, and intimate.

She is in search of more adventure

Researchers say that there are some women who just want to add thrill to their boring and somewhat monotonous lives. You see, cheating involves excitement and pleasure and even women who are madly in love with their partners would still cheat just because they want something more exciting.

Your woman is bored in bed

If the husband doesn’t have time for some cuddle and intimacy, chances are, the wife would look for it someplace else. Women, just like men, have desires. If she doesn’t get what she wants when she wanted it, expect the worst. Remember the time when you just couldn’t get enough of each other, when all you wanted was to caress her and love her all day and all night? But now, after years of marriage, that thing you do inside the bedroom has become more of a routine than anything else, something that needed to be scheduled. If this scenario is familiar to you, you better start rekindling that flame or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

A woman cheats because she wants to get even

There are a lot of relationships that have gone astray because of a person’s need to get even. If the husband had a history of cheating on the wife, she might do the same thing out of spite, especially if the husband’s extra-marital affair damaged not only the wife’s heart but their family as well. According to studies, revenge is one of the reasons why women cheat. Because cheating somehow made them feel more in control, more powerful and the best of all is that it made them feel a lot better about themselves.

She no longer finds you attractive

This may sound very trivial but the truth is, women like their men to still look good even after years of marriage. It doesn’t mean that you have to do some extreme makeover –  you just have to know how take care of yourself. You used to try everything to look your best for the love of your life – you make sure that you eat right, you go to the gym regularly, keep your hair neat, wear fresh and stylish clothes and you even make sure that your breath always smells good. You do all these things because of a simple reason – you want your woman to stay attracted to you. But now that she’s head over heels for you and after years of marriage, you are sure that you will be the only man in her life forever, you tend to become too comfortable. You feel like whatever you do, she’ll accept you and love you still. After all, she is your wife and you had vowed to stay together until death so there’s really no need to impress her.

However, after being too comfortable for many years of marriage, it would be too late before you realize that you are no longer the man that your wife once loved. What you have become is a guy who doesn’t care if he’s wearing the shirt backwards or not wearing a shirt at all.

Remember, looking good for your better half is more of a responsibility for yourself, something that you should aspire everyday.

Your woman has fallen out of love

This is probably one of the main reasons why women cheat. Once the love has gone, it is difficult for anyone to stay in the relationship – and to be faithful to the partner. And this situation will even be more terrible if your wife finds somebody who can love her more. This situation could be difficult to fix especially if the husband is not making any effort to ‘change’ for the better.

There are many reasons why women cheat. There’s a simple solution if you don’t want to be cheated by your woman – keep her happy and satisfied. As the saying goes, a happy wife means a happy life.