boerhavia diffusa(72413)

Boerhavia diffusa

In ancient days, herbs were the only medicines people knew to cure diseases. They used to collect herbs, test their various parts and studied their properties and behaviors.  Some herbs were found to be highly powerful; they could even revive the life of almost dead. With the alarming increase in the strength of diseases now-a-days, herbal medicines have gone a long way from villages to towns and cities. The main advantage of taking herbal medicines is that they cure diseases without causing any side-effects. Many people refuse to take them as they are not fast-healing medicines. Some of them require a very long course in order to produce the desired effects.

Herb Boerhavia Diffusa for curing kidney disease

This can be intimidating a little. How can an herb heal kidney damage? I was embarrassed to hear that the herb Boerhavia could act as a kidney booster. This herb, also known as “Punarnava” in Hindi and Sanskrit, is found in most parts of Kerala, India. It reaches a height of 10 inches and has small purple flowers. It has diuretic and laxative properties too.

One of my close relatives had chronic kidney disease and was undergoing dialysis twice a week. He was already a diabetic patient, uncontrolled intake of sugar and fatty items led him to suffer from chronic kidney disease. His creatinine value in blood was a constant 5.2mg/dl which was not coming to normals. Blood urea levels also were very high. He was very close to me as I had to do something in order to save him. But I’m only an ordinary woman, I didn’t know about any supernatural powers that could save his life. At least one thing I could do was to do research over the internet. Because “writing” has given me a handful of experience, something was sparkling in my mind. To my surprise, I found that there was a herb that could heal kidney disease.

Without proper medication, herbs should not be taken in. That too, kidney patients already will have failure in eliminating the toxins from body. So it became imperative that I should consult an Ayurvedic physician for this. I went to a physician, who was popular for treating diseases using herbs. He gave me a little light of hope saying, “As the patient was a strong and healthy man, he could be cured with this treatment. Also since he developed kidney disease as a result of diabetes, this herbal decoction can reduce the creatinine levels and he could be made free of dialysis.” He explained me how to make a decoction from Boerhavia diffusa and prescribed to have a cup of it, each night after food.

Making of Boerhavia diffusa decoction

roots of boerhavia diifusa

This decoction is prepared out of the roots of the herb Boerhavia diffusa. I had to collect this herb from a nearby garden along with the roots. 15g of the roots is required to make 1 cup of decoction daily. Cut the roots separate from the plant and wash them thoroughly. Make sure that the roots are free of any mud as the decoction has to be prepared under good hygienic conditions. Weigh them in a beam balance so that 15g of the roots have to be taken.



using a mortar and pestle to crush roots

final crushed roots

Put them in a mortar and crush using a pestle.

Making of decoction


Take one cup of milk and four cups of water in a vessel. Pour the crushed roots into the vessel and heat gently. Let the roots boil and continue boiling for 1 hour so that the entire solution decocts to 1 cup. Filter the decoction and transfer it to a cup. The patient should take this decoction in the night after taking food. Note that this can be effective only when the patient is following diet routines as prescribed.



My relative cup of decoctionobserved a fall in his creatinine values after one week he started taking this decoction. He became free of dialysis and even the allopathic doctor was surprised to find this. He couldn’t believe himself that a small herb could do such a wonderful job. Do you know how much happiness I got when I saw a smile in his face? I thank internet for providing me with the necessary information about this and I really wanted to share my experience as I think it could help others.



This decoction can be taken as a preventive too. It can help boost kidney functions as well as improve immune system.