There are several herbal remedies for candida if you would prefer to use these methods as a form of treatment as opposed to being prescribed pills from your doctor.

It can be awful if you are a sufferer of candida but if you can find a natural solution, you will see that it is very easy to incorporate it into your everyday life.

There are many reasons why people get a yeast infection, or candida. Here are a few remedies that you can try to cure your yeast infection.

  • Garlic pills

  • Tea tree oil

  • Grapefruit seed extract

Garlic Pills

If you decide to add garlic pills to your regular diet, you will find that your yeast infection will be affected in a positive way. The garlic slows down and even halts the growth of the yeast which is what leads to the unfortunate infection. The natural property contained in garlic has a great effect on the body's digestive system.

Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil is another way to treat candida naturally. This herbal remedy has shown itself to be very successful in treating candida due to its antifungal properties. The best way to apply this product as a treatment is to take some of the oil and rub it into your skin in your problem areas. If you are able to recognise and pinpoint the areas that where you are suffering, for example, around the feet area or around the stomach area, then apply the oil there. Research has shown that using the tea tree oil in this way helps to weaken and break down the yeast cells, which aids the body's immune system in fighting of the infection.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

This is a great addition to your diet because the grapefruit seed extract is acidic which combines with the alkaline based yeast infection. This little battle ensures that the yeast gets broken down and is removed from the body naturally. This is therefore a very effective way to treat this yeast condition.

If you are interested in treating your candida with herbal remedies, you should look at the best products to suit your digestive system as well as the symptoms that you are suffering from. The best way to get your information is to do an initial search on the internet to find out more about each herbal remedy and how much it will cost. Alternatively you could visit your local health food store and an assistant should be able to give you further information.

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