Many people realize that herbal tea for constipation can truly be beneficial over traditional medicine particularly if you've only been constipated for a few days and are taking some other helpful measures to reduce or relieve constipation symptoms like drinking more water, increasing daily fiber intake and reducing beverages which are high in caffeine- which cause dehydration and constipation.

In fact, consuming herbal tea for constipation can also aid in weight loss as well and jumpstart the program you've been meaning to start to make you healthier. Before we discuss the ends and outs regarding herbal tea and constipation, it's equally important to understand why we get constipated to help relieve constipation issues now and in the future s as well as aid in the herbal tea remedies for constipation.

Why Do We Get Constipated?

Food must actually travel through the small intestine in liquid formation in the form of digestive fluid and enzymes. As the food travels down to the large intestine the nutrients are absorbed. Your large intestine is in charge of one thing, to form stool from your liquid waste. When stool passage becomes sluggish it often can stick to the wall of your colon requiring some sort of high pressure to move this dry stool. Fiber, water and in some cases exercise can cause for constipation relief. But what happens when you require something more, like herbal tea for constipation symptoms.

The beauty of Senna, Herbal Tea for Constipation

Senna is actually a tea leaf that grows in tropical climates. Its healing properties have been well regarded as a safe and natural laxative. In fact Senna tea leaves have been so well regarded and for so long, Egyptians used the tea hundreds of years ago to relieve constipation symptoms.

Senna tea leaves used as herbal tea for constipation is available commercially in teas like "Smooth Move" or you can even buy Senna tea leaves to make your own herbal tea at home. Constipation can be relieved naturally as many people are discovering. "Smooth Move" which can be found in any health food store or popular vitamin chain should be steeped in hot water for 10-15 minutes and then consumed. You should notice that "Smooth Move" has a naturally sweet taste, but adding a little splenda or stevia also makes the taste better. As advised this tea should be consumed at night. Why because it takes 8-12 hours to take effect and you don't want to be stuck somewhere at the end of the day or worse in rush hour enjoying the wonderful benefits of this tea.

You could also make your own Senna tea. It is recommended to steep the leaves in cold water for 10-12 hours. By steeping the natural Senna leaf you remove the resim which causes abdominal cramping which is one of the properties of Senna which promotes bowel movements by direct action on the intestine.

Its important however to note that you should not use this or any laxative, natural or otherwise, for longer than 7 days without consulting your physician.