Mark Hughes HerbalifeMark Hughes established Herbalife in 1980 with a vision and mission to provide nutrition. Thirty years onwards the company has over 2 million distributors across 24 countries helping people to choose a solution for their health and nutrition concerns, to lose weight and look and feel better. The weight reduction line of products offers meal programs and food supplements that assist you to shed that extra pound more efficiently. Supplements include products for appetite suppression and metabolism enhancer and boosters. With a wide array of products Herbalife has got something to suit every customer needs.

Herbalife products are made from natural constituents, such as herbalife nutrition logocalcium, ginger root extract, green tea leaves, dried theobroma extract, yerba mate extract, celery, asparagus, liquorice, fennel, marshmallows, hawthorne, suma, cinnamon, parsley, etc. Natural ingredients are one of the features that have made this company and its products so popular. Users have confirmed the results that these products have on them. Many users have felt more energetic and some have even claimed clearer eyesight after a few days usage. People have lost so much weight within a matter of days that they had to change their entire wardrobe. People who have used these products are the living examples of their efficiency. Herbalife uses Multi-Level Marketing and eliminates the use of commercials. The only medium of advertising is word of mouth and the complete success story of this company is based on word of mouth. This is enough to explain its popularity.

herbalife weight loss program

Many users have voted Herbalife products are the best products with the quickest and most effective results. The weight loss program is one of the best sellers of the company and people claim to have lost as much as seven pounds within a couple of weeks. Another product, the LiftOff is quite popular among regular customers. It has vitamins and natural energy boosters and just one tablet is prescribed in eight ounces of water. This is the best alternative of any energy drink available. Every product that the company sells is tested and has to pass through rigorous procedure that ensures that they are safe for consumption. Herbalife products, though a bit expensive, are nutritious and healthy for you. The weight loss program costs around $85 to $100 depending on the supplements you choose.

Herbalife doesn’t approve of dieting it only advocates a proper diet plan. These products are effective and efficient because they concentrate on wellbeing and nutrition in long terms. They follow a general plan of eating the right thing in the right quantity of nutrients to stay fit strong and healthy.

Not only weight loss and nutrition programs but Herbalife hair and skin care segment is equally popular and effective. Though these programs are a bit expensive yet they come with a one month money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can claim a refund anytime within a month. Herbalife provides a full list of ingredients and the science and research that has been put into that particular product. These reflect the confidence that the company has in its products.

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