Alzheimers, dementia and ADD have a lot in common

The brain requires a HEALTHY, HAPPY body and good nutrition. Now scientists say these conditions are reversible in some cases.

Disclaimer: This information is not to be used for self-diagnosis or medication. Please share it with your physician or therapist who is managing your medications for your problem if you are intrested in using any of the herbs mentioned. They may duplicate the effects of pharmaceutical drugs. The combined treatment needs to be evaluated as such. Note too, that the cleansing of parasites , heavy metal detoxification, dietary improvements and a good supplementation programme also affect the way that medications behave. We live in a toxic worldCredit: Sue Visser


We live in a toxic world and do not need toxic drugs to add to the burden

Children of today are introduced to toxins even before they are born. They eat genetically modified food with hormones, pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. They use fluoride when they brush their teeth and breathe the air that is polluted by filthy machines and factories. Then we wonder why they can't pay attention at school and give them toxic drugs.

We limit their diet and exclude all kinds of things that may be causing them harm. But do we ever investigate why? For instance; we forbid them to eat food that has MSG (monosodium glutamate) in it because we believe it over excites the brain. But glutamate is an essential neurotransmitter for helping the brain to remember facts and figures. When there is too much cortisol present in the brain it blocks the channel used by glutamate and this is why MSG gets a bad reputation. But cortisol is the real culprit.

We vaccinate children and wonder why autism is on the increase. We give them antibiotics to root out their beneficial gut flora that are the key to physical as well as mental health. This weakens their immune system. It is indeed a cruel world they have to face. Collective unconsciousness has set in. But many parents have decided to change all that and go the green route. Here are herbs straight from nature's medicine chest that can make a difference in our lives and help to bring back some good old-fashioned health.

We also need to eat proper food, get exercise and have a positive mindset

The brain is part of our body, not just a blob of grey matter that goes futt when we grow older. We need to maintain a sound mind (and brain) in a healthy body to prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's. Parkinson's and dementia. Best of all, we should begin at an early age, as youngsters and steer clear of Ritalin, anti-depressants, sleeping pills and other drugs that take over the roles of brain nutrition, fresh air, sleep and exercise.

Consider herbal supplements as an option for a brain or nerve problem

Modern medicine owes a great debt to the herbal kingdom for the drugs and phytochemicals from plants that are used to make certain pharmaceutical products. A drug is described as any substance used in the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of disease. So it does not matter what the drug is, as long as it is used to meet these ends. We tend to think that all drugs are bad, evil habit-forming chemicals. This is only true in the case of harmful, dangerous substances that are abused. In the case of pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed incorrectly this is often the case. Herbs can be equally harmful if they are used incorrectly.

It makes no sense to ease or even smother symptoms of a disease with a drug that causes a multitude of harmful side effects and yet it fails to address the real cause of an ailment. This is typically what happens when one becomes dependent on a medication to try to get rid of nagging and unpleasant symptoms. More drugs are needed to deal with the side effects and so on. In some cases these symptoms may persist because they show that something is wrong. For instance, a headache may be the result of constipation and constipation could be due to dehydration or an excessive intake of caffeine. So why take a headache pill?

Psychiatric drugs commonly used for mental conditions do not treat the underlying causes of nerve and brain damage. If they did we would not have such a large population still suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia and children with so-called learning and behaviour problems. Many of these problems are related to mycotoxins, food additives and changes, nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, mercury poisoning and oxidative stress. No drugs can alleviate these causes. People get depressed, often because of the hopelessness of it all. Then they take drugs for depression.

Certain compounds in plants such as Coleus Forskohlii, Ginseng, Centella Asiatica, Olive Leaf and Bacopa Monnieri are being investigated to see if they can help to restore nerve damage and even revive the activity on damaged receptor sites between nerve endings. They have shown the ability to target a problem area and are specific in their ability to improve mental cognition, relieve anxiety and depression and even enhance the effects of hormones. They deliver a multitude of benefits; they do not cost a fortune and are not under the control of any manufacturer. There are few if any side effects and not many of these are really harmful.

 Coleus affects our brain, nerves, neurotransmitters and hormonal messengers  

Coleus herb and tincture

Forskolin increases cerebral blood circulation to ensure healthy oxygenation. Because it helps to balance blood sugar the brain receives a steady stream of glucose. This is helpful for patients suffering from strokes, dementia, depression and Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Coleus has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Although it plays a vital role in improving the activity of electro-stimulatory neurotransmitters like epinephrine and norepinephrine they are kept within reasonable limits. This is because the uptake of other hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are improved. This balancing effect helps brains of all ages; including young children and people from all walks of life to think (process data) and communicate more efficiently and feel happier and more positive.

How can Coleus (Forskolin) help children at school with “ADD / ADHD”?

Coleus is beneficial for improving concentration and the ability to think clearly as it helps to restore communication between the brain, hormones, nerves and neurotransmitters. A supplement that contains Forskolin will satisfy the requirements of teachers and school psychologists who drug students so they can sit still and be taught for a reasonable length of time. A supplement containing Coleus Forskohlii provides many health benefits for the child and there are no harmful side effects as compared to a schedule 7 chemical-based drug like Ritalin.

Olive leaf destroys microbes and boosts capillary action

Olive leaf contains oleuropin, a phytochemical that relaxes and dilates blood vessels. For the brain, this helps to increase the flow of blood. Olive leaf is also kills off parasites and pathogenic microbes that can affect the nervous system due to the presence of calcium elenolate. In vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated the efficacy of its use against a range of bacteria, protozoa (including malaria), yeasts, viruses (including colds, flu and smallpox), large parasites (including worms and flukes) and fungi (mycotoxins that cause Candidiasis and cancer). Olive leaves do not inhibit the health of beneficial gut microbes that are essential for a healthy immune system. Olive leaf is used to treat candidiasis and other microbial infections that can affect mental conditions. They help to ward off colds and flu and reduce our dependence on other drugs; especially antibiotics, blood thinners and medications for high blood pressure. Microbes do not develop a resistance to olive leaves.

Harveting olive leaves

Centella (Gotu Kola) helps to protect nerves, boost neurotransmitters and relieve anxiety and insomnia. It grows in many gardens!

Gotu Kola helps to protect the nerves mainly because it has a positive influence on oxidative stress within the brain. The leaves contain precursors for tyrosine and phenylalanine. These are important neurotransmitters that work with Vitamin B 1, B 2 and B 6 that are also present. All these components facilitate an increase in GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), an amino acid that relieves anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression. Gotu Kola has demonstrated a protective effect against a number of diseases of the central nervous system. Unlike caffeine and amphetamines, Gotu Kola does not stimulate, dehydrate or cause insomnia and other debilitating effects. It helps to re-vitalize the brain and nervous system, improve memory and increase the attention span by protecting and enhancing the health of the brain and neurotransmitters.

Centella at sourceCentella in Ehtiopia

Ginseng can restore dopamine uptake and heal nerve tissue

Studies undertaken to examine the compounds present in Ginseng found them to have a protective, regenerative and stimulating effect on the nervous system. Diseases of the central nervous system like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are affected by weakened nerves. Dopamine use is impaired if the dopaminergic neurons are damaged or destroyed. New research is investigating how neurons that respond to dopamine can be protected and even restored with ginseng, especially in patients with a diminished response to levodopa.

Bacopa Monnieri protects nerve cells, improves cognition and relieves depression

Brahmi is the common name for Bacopa Monnieri, the herb that has been used for over 3000 years to treat impaired cognition, degenerative nerve disorders, depression and dementia. It protects nerve cells that depend on dopamine pathways and prevents damage to the myelin sheath that covers and insulates nerves. It helps to support higher levels of dopamine and serotonin when one is subjected to excessive chronic stress that usually deplete these neurotransmitters and leaves one with fatigue, depression and brain fog. 

Bacopa exhibits antioxidant activity that helps to protect the neural synapses throughout the brain including the hippocampus used for memory retention. In comparison, drugs like deprenyl only reach as far as the frontal lobes. Bacopa cannot restore the synapse links if the blood vessels and tiny capillaries around the nerves are contracted. This is why it is essential to combine Bacopa with a vasodilator like Olive Leaf to ensure an efficient supply of blood, glucose and oxygen. This also helps to prevent the build-up of amylase deposits (plaque).

For older people suffering from age-related brain disorders Bacopa can help to both protect and restore mental cognition and a sense of wellbeing. Inability to think clearly or make decisions or remember are typical problems people with dementia have to face when the nerves that control information storage and retrieval are damaged. It can lead to inappropriate behaviour and a total loss of short-term memory, especially with Alzheimer's disease.

For younger children Bacopa is becoming a popular substitute for drugs like Ritalin. They can focus, concentrate and not feel “funny” or become dependent on a chemical drug. A daily dose of 160 mg of dried and powdered Bacopa helps people of all ages to concentrate and focus, to have a better memory and to think clearly.

These special herbs are here to help us feel better, brighter and smarter

 All these herbs help the central nervous system in special ways to support a healthy central nervous system. They are non-habit forming and side effects are absent or minimal. Coleus, Olive Leaf, Centella, Ginseng and Bacopa offer many other health benefits so the effect is synergistic – greater as a combination.  A supplement containing all these herbs and enhanced with calcium, magnesium and tissue salts can certainly be taken for ADD, ADHD, stress, cognitive decline, neurodegenerative diseases, depression, anxiety and of course: a fuzzy foggy brain!

Herbs work well with supplementation

Support the herbal repair and protection with supplements that include a good antioxidant combination and adequate Omega 3 essential fatty acids form krill and fish oil sources. Make sure the diet provides adequate fresh organic fruit and vegetables and good sources of vitamins and live enzymes.  Quinoa, legumes, seeds and nuts are good sources of amino acids for vegans. One does not have to consume all the essential amino acids only in one food. The fixation about a complete protein is not valid because the body stores up the amino acids it extracts from food sources and maintains a reserve for future use. From this stronghold of amino acids any of the required polypeptides (proteins) can be synthesized. This is how neurotransmitters are made on demand.

Clean out the toxins, parasites and heavy metal

Bear in mind that reagular parasite cleansing is important so that that larger ones like worms and flukes do not rob you of essential nutrients. You can use a regular worm remedy from the pharmacy or make your own out of herbs. The microbes and yeast infectiions can also affect the neurons. Use herbs like olive leaf, Artemisia (wormwood). An easy product to take for controlling heavy metal toxicity is made out of citrus pectin. You can also include the pith of oranges in recipes you use for smoothies and baking. Take chlorella and spirulina tablets or capsules to help remove the heavy metal from the brain and nerve receptors on a daily basis. (I notice the effect immediately by the improved dream recall I have. As soon as I stop taking the algae it reverts.)


Rise above the need to suppress symptoms and fix the problem

It is up to us how well we look after our receptor sites to maintain a healthy communication between the brain and the millions of cells that interact with it on a continuous basis. Consider your options and appreciate the contribution that herbs make to solving some of the major problems with nerve and brain disorders. In most cases all it requires is a bit of homework to make sure you get down to the cause of the problem. It is also important to take enough Omega 3 oil, antioxidants and Vitamin B supplements every day. As you will see – no illness is due to a deficiency of a pharmaceutical drug.


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