Online Dating Profile for Happy Couples

Online dating is a great way to meet new people in your area whether you have lived there several years and newly single or just moved to a new town or city.

It is safe, as you can only communicate through the dating site at first. Never give out any personal information upfront. Always meet someone in a public place. Be smart and trust your judgment and instincts. You can easily express interest in someone or reject people that do not appeal to you without feeling badly about it.

Setting up an online dating profile is easy and fun. Once you sign up to the dating site you choose, there is always the options of setting up your online dating profile. This is generally a series of questions regarding your life, work, hobbies, habits and preferences. You will fill out information regarding your private contact information for their records which will be kept private. You will be asked to create a "user name" for yourself so others can identify you. You will have the option of uploading a photo on your profile main page, so potential dates can see what you look like. Online dating profiles that have posted photos have more responses than those who do not, for obvious reasons. People do think looks count. It may not be fair, but your looks will attract potential dates. If you are not gorgeous, do not despair. Most people are not. Simply post a flattering, but recent, photo, of yourself alone or with a pet, and smiling. Looking happy, confident and friendly will attract more people than just being very attractive alone.

Online dating profiles usually have some sort of a questionnaire format for you to enter various things about yourself. Among the things you'll be requested, but not necessarily, required, to fill in, are your religion, height, weight, occupation, smoking habits, music and movie preferences, activities or sports you enjoying performing or watching and drinking and eating habits. Again, not all of these are required, but the more you answer honestly about yourself and about the kind of person you are looking for, the better your chances of meeting someone who is most compatible with you.

Remember, your online dating profile is the way you want to market yourself to others. Not being honest or exaggerating your income, height, weight and/or age is not going to go over well. Once you go on that first date, you will usually be found out, and you do not want to start a potential relationship on a false note. People like honest people. Online dating profiles are like your personal resume. Market yourself and find the best people for you.