If you, your family members and friends face a lot of difficulties due to your gambling problem and your financial position is turning from bad to worse, you are advised to stop the habit forthwith. You can make use of the following strategies to toss away this awful habit.

1. You can take a decision to get rid of this habit all by yourself. But if you have the support of somebody, it will be of great help. It need not be an expert but it may be your spouse, friend, a relative or a well-wisher or may be even an expert-counselor if you think such a help is needed.

2. The main hurdle in tackling the gambling problem is that the gamblers hide their habit from their family members, friends and relatives. They think that these people will not be able to understand their plight like borrowing from every source that is available or even taking away the children's cash from their money box. Their wishful thinking is that they can recover whatever losses they have incurred by gambling more and more so that they can show to the world that they not only did not lose any money ultimately in gambling but rather earned quite a bounty out of it. Due to this wishful thinking, they get trapped deep in the quagmire of debts.

But if you take the help of others, good advice will be forthcoming and you can at least prepare for a recovery from the gambling problem. But the minimum requirement is that you should be truthful at least to this support-person and for this, you should have a free and frank discussion with the person.

3. Most of the gamblers will have a tendency to gamble if they have cash in their pockets or if they have access to cash. Gambling problems can be got rid of if you keep only just sufficient cash for your expenses or not taking up jobs that involve handling of cash. Even access to cash at home should also be very minimal. You can also request your employer to deposit your salary and other payments directly to your savings bank account and the account must be a joint account operated by both you and your spouse. If this is not possible, you can depute your spouse to collect your salary on your behalf.

You should tell your relatives and friends not to lend you money under any circumstances because of the fact that you have a gamblers problem. All the cash transactions you do must be made in a transparent manner so that your spouse also knows what you do with the cash.

4. You, as one who has the problem of gambling, may be spending more time either on gambling or on thinking obsessively about gambling. If you really want to get rid of this habit, you should devise ways to keep yourself busy so that your mind is diverted to more purposeful things. You can plan to take a part-time job or spend more time with your family and friends. If you use your lunch-time for gambling, you can switch over to other habits like going for a walk or a jog with your friends or reading books, etc. instead of gambling during the time. Hobbies like reading work very well to divert your mind from this habit.

5. You can convert your home to a more comfortable place to live in. This not only requires physical changes but changing your thinking pattern also. If you have interesting things to do at home, you may like to remain in the house for longer hours and this will slowly help you get over your gambling problem.

6. Usually the main result of gambling problem is that it makes you tense. You may show your irritation to your family members, friends and relatives. Hence you must learn to relax. You must also stop eating junk food and make it a point to eat only nutritious and fiber-rich food that reduces acidity in your system so that your irritating behavior is changed. Relaxing, resting sufficiently and eating good diet will help you get over your irritating behavior. Yoga and meditation will go a long way in reducing your tension.

7. You should remember that bad patches in other parts of your life act as a catalyst to your problem of gambling. Hence you must practice to develop the talent of thinking out-of-the-box to solve the problem areas. There is a solution to every problem and you have to remember that problems and opportunities are both sides of the same coin. If you think objectively, you can find out the right solution for any problem. If you attempt like this and solve the problems in other parts of your life, gambling problem can be surmounted because you will not think of gambling to blank out your other problems from your mind.