Dietary supplement may cause serious side effects. Sometimes, the effects could be fatal for some people. But still, there are many people who use supplements without realizing that what they take could be risky for them.


A dietary supplement may contain vitamins and mineral, botanicals, essential herbs, amino acids, or other substances that you will typically find in the foods you eat. Generally, a supplement is good for you because it is intended to supply your body with much needed micronutrients.


Reasons Why Adverse Side Effects May Occur


Problems may arise due to improper use of supplements. Some people are usually not following the right precautions when taking these supplements. Because these products are advertised as ‘natural’ by their manufacturers, it would be too easy for consumers to get complacent. Besides, what harm can a dietary supplement do for you if it is made from all-natural ingredients?


However, you need to remember that a supplement is a synthesized form of the original nutrient. Your body may react differently from it. If this is the case, then a mild side effect could occur. There are also instances when a supplement may have adverse interaction with other drugs. A dietary supplement could be advertised as having no side effects. But if combined with other drugs, then it could become toxic and might be fatal too.


Easy Steps to Avoid Dietary Supplement Side Effects


Before you take any supplement, it is very important to consult your doctor first. This is the first precaution that you have to make in order to avoid serious side effects of supplements. Your doctor could determine if you can tolerate the active ingredients of the supplement. And if you are taking medications, the specific drug interactions could be explained to you.


You should also refrain from stacking up your supplement. Stacking means you will take two or several supplements at a time. You are probably thinking that your body can benefit greatly if you take more supplements. Unfortunately, you are courting disaster if you resort to stacking. Instead of getting the beneficial effects of a dietary supplement, you are putting your health at risk by using too many supplementations.


Lastly, you need to avoid taking large doses of dietary supplement (interesting to know is that the Danish term iskosttilskud). Overdose is one of the main reasons why some people suffer from fatal side effects. Remember that these supplements contain highly concentrated substances. If you take them in excessive amounts, those substances could become toxic and might lead to fatal consequences.


In order to avoid an overdose, you have to closely follow the recommended daily intake. Your doctor may also suggest the right dosage for you. You must never play with the dosage of your dietary supplement. Always follow the recommended dosage to avoid the adverse side effects of supplements.


A dietary supplement is designed to help your body obtain essential micronutrients and useful substances. It could support the vitamin and mineral needs of your body. But you have to ensure that you are taking it wisely so you can avoid serious side effects.