How to Write Catchy

Writing Attention Getting Headlines that Make Readers Want to Click



Anyone who does any type of Internet marketing, should want to write "sticky" headlines.  A headline is like a title, which is the first group of words a reader sees during any piece of online advertising for marketing a service or product.  When a headline is sticky, it is too irresistible to click, that the reader is so intrigued that they want to read the message further.

You can create powerful headlines for your website, your e-mails, your blog, to advertise your home based business, or anywhere else you might need to get people to stop and pay attention.
There is about a 3 seconds window to catch the attentions visitors or lose them forever.  After all, unless you have a great headline, your selling message will not get read.

How can you create a STICKY headline that entices visitors to CLICK, especially if you are not a professional copywriter?

Here are some shortcuts to creating powerful “sticky” headlines that are desirable to click.

Tip #1)  Start building your own swipe file.  

In simple terms, a swipe file (templates) is simply a collection of advertisements which copywriters regularly refer to for 'guided inspiration'.  Most professional copywriters have a swipe file they use.  When they see a great headlines or subject line they copy it and use it for future reference.  

Word to the wise:  Of course, never use anyone’s copy word for word, without asking for permission but feel free to draw inspiration from great marketing.  Remember to imitate writing styles and use it as a model, but not use the same words.  You can gain inspiration, but also develop your own voice.  

Hot Tip #2)  Model Top Leaders or Popular Advertising Venues

Research or find out who are the top leaders or highest earning marketers in your special target audience (niche) .  If you want an easy way to create a powerful “swipe file” then subscribe to the email follow-up systems or join the lists. Scan the e-mails once a day or every week, copy and paste the emails that attract you, into a folder for future reference.

Caution:  Don’t join too many lists...You may get caught in the trap of just looking for headlines and copy that you are not doing any money producing activities, like posting ads or constructing your e-mail.

Also, search popular advertising venues, such as classified ad places,like,, etc.   See which headlines jump out at you and  makes you react.   Note why it attracted you, copy it and store it away .  It only takes a short time for you to start building  and the super-hot headlines will jump out and grab your attention.  

Hot tip #3) : Find inspiration at the magazine stands in your local bookstore or grocery store.  Pick up a magazine, especially the ones that pertains to your target market or your particular audience.  Scan the headlines that pop out at you.   The magazine companies spend a lot of advertising dollars to hire professional writers to create catchy headlines that will lure readers to browse the pages.  These tested headlines and are a great place to find inspiration.

Lastly, in order for irresistible and "sticky" headlines to be irresistible and “sticky”, it must beg to be opened, not because of hype, but because it’s compelling.  The skills of mastering how to write headlines that are attractive to the readers, makes a marketers advertising becomes more effective and profitable.