The introduction of the Sayl Chair by Herman Miller means a greater chance for the masses to enjoy the style and ergonomic comfort that this legendary seating manufacturer is famous for. The Sayl Chair delivers the same high quality seating experience as the legendary Aeron Chair, but without busting the budget. Retailing for $399 and up, the Sayl Chair is sleek and affordable.

History of the Sayl Chair

Herman Miller is constantly striving to captivate audiences with seating that looks good and feels great. The Aeron Chair is a mechanical masterpiece, but is still not embraced for everyone. Some people find the design leaves them cold, while for others the $650+ price tag is enough to make them shop for an alternative. In a down economy a company must innovate and excite in order to thrive and Herman Miller has always excelled in both of these key areas. The goal to bring to market an environmentally friendly chair that fits in with the current economic climate was no easy task.

Yves Behar is a modern design legend. While many people may question his foray into furniture given his electronic and apparel background, Behar is a true fan of furniture design. A long time admirer of both the Herman Miller Company and iconic designers Charles and Ray Eames, it was Behar himself who approached Herman Miller to collaborate on a project. His lighting collection featuring the boldly designed Leaf and Ardea was a success and clearly demonstrated the synergy between Behar and the rest of the Herman Miller team.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair - Better Than Aeron?Behar was given the job of making a chair that minimized resources, but was still supportive and comfortable. Over two years later, the Sayl Chair is born. Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sayl Chair has a unique Y back support which anchors the webbing that forms the back. Seen from a profile, it is reminiscent of a windblown sail, hence the name. A nod to the Y support led to the new spelling.

The Sayl Chair vs the Aeron Chair

The cost between the two chairs is being heralded as a huge selling point for the Sayl Chair. Younger consumers will be given the chance to own a quality Herman Miller chair at a price that meets their budgets. The Sayl Chair is more playful and compatible with many spaces, too. The Aeron Chair is seen primarily in black, but the Sayl Chair is being heavily promoted in many colors including red. The Sayl Chair appears less cumbersome than the Aeron and its wide mesh back keep it appearing light and modern.
Both chairs offer tilt and height adjustments and a stable base with 360-degree rotation. The Aeron Chair is an award-winning chair, but the Sayl is sure to capture some awards soon enough, too.

The Sayl Chair is sure to be a popular addition to the Herman Miller seating lineup. The lower price and 93% recyclable material used for its construction may prove to be the features that lure a buyer considering several chairs. The design is not as polarizing at the Aeron and will appeal to a broader market. It is available at many fine retailers and at popular websites like sit4less and Design Within Reach.