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Have you ever heard of HeroBox? HeroBox is an organization that supports our deployed American soldiers. Their organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides physical items and moral support to our soldier via the American people. Because of the efforts of two brothers that were soldiers, an idea and campaign that they started grew into an organization that is listed in the top 100 game changers. You can become apart of the every growing effort to remember our troops who serve us well. Here are some ways that you can make a difference through their organization.

This first thing that you can do is sponsor a hero, or you can form a group to sponsor a whole unit. You will have to register on their site with a valid e-mail address. After you have logged in you will select a gender and hit the “Add Hero” button, and you will get the next service member in line. You cannot pick and chose. This gives everyone a chance to receive something. After this, you can communicate with your hero immediately. They have a page that explains your packing and shipping instructions. You can pick a length of time to care for your hero. There you go. It is that simply. If you have a church group or company that wants to sponsor a unit, just log on to their website for detailed instructions.

Other than just directly supporting a hero, they offer different initiatives so that you can provide aid to our soldiers. Another way HeroBox supports our soldiers is through donations provided by the public and companies. These donations are tax deductible and with every donation, you will receive a letter of contribution. For donation of $25 and up you will receive wristbands and t-shirts too. This is a simple way to get involved.

You can become a social ambassador for the cause. This is a volunteer opportunity to spread the word about the work HeroBox does for the soldiers. You can utilize community events and organizations to get the word out. You can also use the media, as well as, social media for the cause. You will have the support and all the materials you need for the task. You can even request a speaker for your events. Your compensation comes in the form of an “Impact Award.” You can also give by donating your time by packing care boxes, and helping out with daily functions within the operation itself.

You can host a fundraiser for HeroBox using their first giving site as your page. Your contributors can utilize this page to donate money using their Visa in a secure and private manner. If you don’t want to do that, them you can join one instead. They also have fundraisers available for youth oriented events and restaurants.

They have a site on eBay that you can donate items to and raise money that way. Another way HeroBox supports our soldiers is from the proceeds earned with their online store. They have apparel for men, women, and children. They sell everything from hoodies, tank tops, shorts, to t-shirts. All of their products are less than $30.

And finally, you can write letters to them. They provide an address on their website in order for you to send a letter. They also provide you with detailed packing and shipping instructions for your HeroBox, along with any necessary custom forms and shipping stickers. This is all downloadable off of their page. Help HeroBox support our soldiers this year and you will make someone’s Christmas just a little bit brighter. Season’s Greetings to you and your family!