Have you ever wanted to dress up as your favourite super hero or arch enemy? These heroes and villains costume ideas are the perfect way to dress up as your favourite character during this Halloween! These Halloween costumes are easily recognizable by others, rather inexpensive, and can be worn for a few years in a row!

One of the best features about the hero and villain costumes that are featured throughout this article is that most of them oppose each other; meaning that these costumes can be worn in conjunction with each other if you are traveling in a group or a pair. In addition, all of these heroes and villains costume ideas are perfect for all age groups; whether you are a child or adult, you can wear any of these costumes.

Spider Man Is The Most Popular Out Of All Of The Heroes And Villains Costume Ideas

If you ask every single young boy what they would like to dress up as for Halloween, I can guarantee you that the majority of them will want to buy a Spiderman costume and dress up as this web-shooting hero for Halloween night. Because of its popularity, there are over 100 different versions of the Spiderman costume!

I believe that Spiderman stays at the top of the heroes and villains costume ideas for children because the kids can relate to the jumping around that Spiderman does. Most children are very hyperactive, and can be caught jumping and running around during every chance that they get; moreover, these are the movements and gestures that Spiderman makes. In addition, Spiderman appears in a wide variety of mediums; he can be found in comics, movies, and television shows.

Green Goblin Is Definitely One Of The Most Popular Enemies, And Is Easily Recognizable

I would highly recommend pairing this costume up with the Spiderman one that is listed in the paragraph above; the Green Goblin is one of Spiderman’s most vicious enemies. I would definitely place the Green Goblin at the top of the heroes and villains costume ideas for children because he is the most easily recognizable Marvel enemy!

The Green Goblin is easily recognizable because of his vibrant green color. The one good thing about Green Goblin costumes is that they are made from stretchy fabric, and will fit children that are a little bit larger or smaller than what the material was made for.

Many families have 3 or 4 children within the same age group, and have trouble buying 4 brand new costumes every single Halloween. With that being said, “recycling Halloween costumes” is one of the best things that these families can do. This Green Goblin Halloween costume can be used for 3-4 years in a row by different siblings; therefore, saving you money in the long run!

If You Are A Lady Looking For A Sexy Costume, You Should Consider Dressing Up As Catwoman

Some ladies are on the lookout for sexy heroes and villains costume ideas, but do not know where to start looking. There are quite a few villains and heroes that can be considered as being sexy; however, looking sexy in one of their costumes brings about an entirely different task.

Out of all of the heroes and villains costume ideas that are available, the Catwoman costume is your best bet because it is so simple to put together yourself. We all know that buying Halloween costumes can get quite expensive at times; most costumes will have a price tag that is upwards of $70.

To create your own Catwoman costume all that you need is a tight black leather/spandex unitard, a black half-mask to cover the top half of your face, and a set of cat ears. This Catwoman costume will cost you less than $30 to make, and can be worn for many years to come.

The Joker Costume Seems To Be Increasing In Popularity Following The Death Of Heath Ledger And Release Of The Batman Movie

The unfortunate death of Heath Ledger and the release of the latest Batman Movie have driven the popularity of the Joker costume through the roof; the only downside to the Joker costume is that it is the most expensive and difficult out of all of the heroes and villains costume ideas to be featured throughout this article! There are also two routes that you can take when you are taking a look at the various Joker costumes: you can use face makeup or buy a mask. The face makeup route will definitely look the best, but will take much longer to apply, and will take much longer to remove. Whereas, the mask route easy to slip on and remove, but will not look nearly as good as the makeup application! Whichever route that you choose, be sure to act in role!

Wonder Woman Seems To Be A Popular Halloween Costume For The Ladies

Unfortunately heroines only came into the picture a few decades ago; that stereotypical “male hero” vision was very present until recently. With our current society placing focus on equality, many women are executing some of the hero and villain costume ideas during the Halloween months!

The unfortunate fact is that there are not as many female superhero costumes to choose from as male costumes; however, Wonder Woman is one of the most popular choices when it comes to superhero costumes for women. Wonder Woman is powerful and great looking; the two things that many woman dream of! If you are a woman that is thinking about executing a hero or villain costume idea on Halloween, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for a Wonder Woman costume! The only downside to this heroine Halloween costume is that it is rather expensive due to the comic brand that backs it; however, Wonder Woman costumes can go on sale during the summer months prior to Halloween. These “off-season sales” range from 20%-50% off of the original price; that can translate to anywhere from $10 to $30, which is some serious saving on a Halloween costume!