When it comes to drug addiction many people would agree that heroin addiction is on the top of the list. This drug was invented in the late 1800's and there have been too many cases of addiction to this drug to count.

Some become addicted from day one while others it takes repeated use of the drug. What I mean by becoming addicted from day one is that because of the very intense euphoric effects that heroin has that many first time users of this drug loved it so much they never stopped using it.

These people were very unfronate and really could have used some heroin addiction help. This is not the way it happened for me; in fact, I did not care for it that much and it made me sicker than a dog. I puked my guts out but I continued to use it along with dilaudid for around a year or so every day. Well one day I could not get a bag of dope for one reason or another and I started going through heroin withdrawal. My stomach started cramping and my eyes were tearing so bad I could hardly see. I was finally able to get some heroin later on in the day but it was pure D hell until I did. I like to keep this in my mind for recall when I feel like using again.

I like to let others know how I got clean with a heroin detox so maybe they will stop using while there is still time. Many addicts use until they are beyond the point of no return or they die of heroin overdose. Some people even end up going to prison for the rest of their natural life for a drug related crime.

Do not let this happen to you get help now. There are so thing an addict can do to stop using. One way to kick heroin is to go heroin cold turkey. I would not do this unless I had no other alternatives. I say this because I have stopped using this way and let me be the first to tell you that you will be down right miserable. The reason for this is your body is so used to having heroin in its system and when it does not it goes into a sort of shock and you feel the effects of it.

The best way to stop heroin is to go to rehab. There you will be looked after by nurses or professionals who have been trained to help others with heroin detox. They will administer prescription meds to help with your withdrawals. This process takes around 5 days but I recommend that upon completion that you go right to residential treatment.