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Heroin withdrawal treatment is needed for hardcore heroin addicts. Heroin is one of the more addicting narcotic drugs in America. Heroin rehabilitation requires detoxification, follow through drug rehab treatment. Heroin comes from opiates, and is known as a dependent drug. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and dangerous for hardcore addicts. The body becomes too dependent on the use of heroin.

If you yourself are a heroin user, or know a heroin addict, then heroin withdrawal treatment should not be done without heroin detoxification. Heroin withdrawal treatment can be very painful for an addict. Heroin is a drug that can be injected, snorted, and smoked. When heroine enters the blood stream, and travels to the brain, the user can feel a high feeling described as a "rush". The high causes dry mouth, warm flushing skin, and provides difficulty of breathing. The euphoric effects can usually be felt instantly when injected by needle. A heroin high can give an addict a feeling of numbness, extreme drowsiness, and can cloud mental functioning.

A hardcore heroin addict usually feels pain and sickness when they're not using. Added to the addicting high, and sickness from withdrawal, this explains the strong addiction to heroin. Heroin symptoms can consist of physical changes, along with behavioral changes. Heroin side effects can cause in fatal overdoses, kidney failure, HIV, infection of the heart, collapsed veins, and numerous of other health risks. Heroin symptoms and side effects can consist of dry mouth, vomiting, pain and drowsiness. Heroin side effects can provide cardiovascular and respiratory depression.

Heroin provides a lot of physical and behavioral changes. Heroin side effects can result into respiratory arrest and coma's. A large dose of heroin can cause a respiratory failure instantly. Heroin addicts usually underestimate how much heroin they've injected into their veins. A lot of heroin addicts aren't aware of their tolerance level as well. 51% of drug overdoses were related to heroin in 1999. It's the most common overdose narcotic in America.

How is heroin made? Well a basic summary is that heroin comes from a opium poppy plant.The raw gum of opium produces morphine. Farmers scrape out the poppies. The the gum gets boiled. Chemicals like lime ammonium chloride, activated charcoal, and hydrochloric acid are used to extract the morphine. Morphine eventually gets cut into other ingredients like baking soda, since pure heroin is too dangerous to use.

What heroin withdrawal treatment consist

Heroin rehabilitation will be needed, but treatment first focuses on the withdrawal process using detoxification. Heroin withdrawal treatment consists of using medications that might include methadone, burpenorphine, naltrexone, and naloxone. Detox is helpful for heroin withdrawal treatment. Heroin withdrawal treatment is the first step in treatment. The purpose is to get the opium out of the heroin addicts system, while doing so in the least painful method. The effects of detoxification is to help relieve the cravings of opioid drugs. Addicts will be carefully monitored and will be given certain medication dosages determine on the addict.

After heroin withdrawal treatment, an addict can begin heroin rehabilitation. Heroin rehabilitation is a process that includes therapy, support groups, and 12 step programs. A heroin addict usually stays at a drug rehab center, although there are outpatient drug programs as well. Heroin rehabilitation might involve in behavioral therapy, support groups, or 12 step programs. Heroin rehabilitation programs can teach an addict to gain control of their life again.

Heroin statistics

1.) Drug police Alliance states that 75% of AIDS cases come from women and children, that were obtain from either needle injection directly, or from a drug user.

2.) 2006 studies state that over 164,000 emergency visits were due to heroin overdoses.

3.) Over 200,000 users in the United States have been classified as strong heroin addicts.

4.) National Survey on Drug Use and Health stated that 53% of heroin addicts were dependent on the drug.

5.) Over 3.8 million people over the age of 12 have reportedly used heroin at least once in their lives.