Where is Hershey's Park?

     Hershey's Park, which is a fun park that one cannot think of or visit without thinking of Hershey's chocolate, can be found in the lovely state of Pennsylvania in the town of Hershey. The address of Hershey Park is 100 W. Hersheypark Drive Hershey, PA 17033. The theme park also happens to have, as many theme parks do, their own website. The town its in is also known by a number of people as The Sweetest Place on Earth, because Hershey's chocolate is made in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Where Can I Find Lodging Near Hershey Park?

      One may find Hershey Park Lodging near the park itself, or within the surrounding town and is close to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There are a number of Hershey Park Hotels to choose from as well as a slew of other accommodations for anyone planning a trip to Hershey Park during their open season.

A List of Hershey Park Lodgings

1. Hershey Lodge:

     This is one of the official lodgings of Hershey Park and boasts having not only a place to rest ones head, but restaurants, kids programs, golf, reaction and that isn't all. Hershey Lodge even has heated indoor pools so that one can swim whatever the time and whatever the weather. There's quite a bit to do at Hershey Lodge, but with all those choices comes a higher price than what one might pay for hotels or other lodging that isn't an official resort of Hershey Park. However the prices may vary depending on the season and when the park is and isn't open.

2. The Hotel Hershey:

     This is an official resort of Hershey Park, but it not be within everyone's budget. However it is a lovely luxurious place to stay while one is visiting Hershey Park. The prices per night and usually at a two night minimum stay is around $459.00 and as the price is for two nights that equates to at least $918.00 which is more than some peoples rent. Obviously only a choice for people whom have saved up a lot over a year or more, or those with upscale jobs that pay more than minimum wage or even a teachers salary. It is however conveniently located for those seeing a Hershey Park Hotel that's close to Hershey Park itself.

3. Hershey Highmeadow Campground:

     The campground is a place for campers to not only enjoy Hershey Park itself, but the 55 acres of nature where they can find over 300 open and shades sites to enjoy. It's but a walk away from Hershey Park, thus making it an easy accessible Hershey Park Lodging site.

A List of other Accommodations for Hershey Park Visitors

For those who may be seeking cheaper accommodation, even if its not as conveniently as close as either Hershey Lodge, The Hotel Hershey or Hershey Highmeadow Campground there are other options without them being too far away from all the fun.

1. 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast

     This is just one of a number of accommodations close to Hershey Park for those looking to save a few dollars, even if it is to use that extra money for some more souvenirs. It's most expensive room is about half the price of the cheapest room found at The Hotel Hershey. There are however only eight rooms to choose from, so its a good idea to plan months in advance to get the best room possible.

2. Springhill Suites Hershey Near the Park

Yet another choice for accommodations, although while it may not be as expensive as The Hotel Hershey its rates are close to Hershey Lodge and more expensive than 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast. Springhill Suites is found at 115 Museum Dr. Hershey, Pennsylvania which is only 1.4 miles from Hershey Park itself.

3. Inn at Westwynd Farm

     This is yet another choice for those seeking lodging during their visit to Hershey Park. It's located on a horse farm only three miles from Hershey Park. While the Inn at Westwynd Farm may not be the closest accommodation available it is by far not the most expensive either. It may in fact be the cheapest accomodation mentioned, starting from $109.01 a night. The Inn is accessible at 1620 Sandbeach Rd. Hummlestown, Pennsylvania.


Are Accommodations Ever Free?

     While Hershey Park Lodgings are never free, its still worth the time and money for those seeking a fun time be it as a family, couple, group of friends or even a single individual. Each place be it a Hershey Park Hotel or some other form of lodging there is a certain charm to each choice, even if some burn a larger hole in the pocket than others.

     However, if one does happen to have family living in or around Hershey, PA, then they might just get free or very cheap lodging. Those whom live in or around Hershey Park will no doubt have access to the park year round during its open season and times without having to pay for a hotel. Which means that for those who may have an extra room they could rent out that extra room to someone seeking cheaper accommodations so that they can themselves enjoy the fun that is Hershey Park, its activities, souvenirs and rides.

Are You Planning a Trip to Hershey Park?

     If you happen to be planning a trip to Hershey Park, the sooner you plan the better and cheaper Hershey Park Lodgings you may be able to find. Don't forget, its not only the price of the lodgings, but also the distance the place is from the park and how busy the park is during a particular month when Hershey Park is open. When one is prepared then one need not worry too much about everything else.

      Don't forget the passes you've bought, or the money, or at least the debit or credit card to purchase the passes with and pay the accommodations bill. It's best too, not to forget a few changes of clothes at the very least, including a bathing suit or two as some rides require a bathing suit. It isn't just Hershey Park Lodging that needs to be planned for ahead of time, but everything in order to enjoy a relaxing, worry free fun time.