Heuga carpet tiles are some of the best looking and longest lasting tiles in the field. They revolutionized the modular carpeting concept with FLOR, which remains one of the most recognizable names in the self adhesive carpet tile market. Heuga carpet tiles have been featured in Dwell, Better Homes and Gardens, and other fine interior magazines. One of Heuga's rugs also won a House Beautiful Award in 2009. The company has developed affordable and great looking tiles for both commercial and residential spaces. What really distinguishes Heuga carpet tiles from the competition is not just the product, but the company. Heuga is committed to environmental issues and is seeking to reduce its environmental impact to zero by 2020.

Heuga Carpet TilesOfferings
Heuga carpet tiles, as expected, come in a wide palette of color choices and even exotic patterns like rocks, zebra, leopard print and fun kid-oriented patterns. The tiles can be bought in a variety of textures to add depth and interest to any floor. The ability to mix and match colors and patterns in a nearly endless arrangement make Heuga and the FLOR concept so appealing to homeowners looking to remodel a room.

The carpet squares are easily installed in just hours. Nearly anyone can do it! The uniform size and ease of handling make installation a breeze. The squares are easily trimmed with a standard utility knife for placement around doorways and support beams or other fixtures. Many of their tiles do not even require the use of adhesives which means even less mess and less stress for the homeowner. Because this is a do-it-yourself project the carpet installation cost is almost zero.

The ability to change the look of an entire room in just a few hours and for a reasonable price is a great benefit of a modular carpet system. Heuga guarantees their tiles for 7 years. They can be cleaned and maintained like a standard carpet and normally just require vacuuming. If an area is damaged by stains or burns, it can simply be pulled up and replaced by another tile (assuming the stain cannot just be scrubbed out). Heuga carpet tiles will provide low maintenance and beauty for many years to come.

The Heuga company looks to make their products environmentally friendly. The company is aiming for a zero environmental impact by 2020. This is being accomplished through efforts such as eliminating waste, producing benign emissions, using renewable energy sources and also seeking the most efficient transportation methods. The Netherlands based company developed Heuga carpet tiles and like other European companies such as IKEA, they are concerned for the environmental impact of their products. Green products and sustainability are two important features that many homeowners look for. Carpeting is known to contain many hazardous chemicals. Heuga looks to reduce the normal environmental concerns many people associate with carpeting.

FLOR modular carpet systems are a great part of the line of Heuga carpet tiles. The long lasting materials and contemporary styling make them work well in most any home or office. These affordable carpet tiles are easy to install, easy to ship and replace if damaged. These reasons make Heuga flooring products a wise choice for anyone considering a new floor covering.