Hexbug ant (26145)


These toys work well. Our little Hex Ant scooted all aorund the floor. The snesors help it navigate around tables and chairs.

The Hexbug is very educational . The clear plastic ' skin" helps us see the inner workings of the thing. It inspires a lot of questions from my five year old on how it works. And being no rocket scientist myself I have to come up with some good answers!

Easy to turn off and on. My son was able to locate the switch to turn the ant off and on easily.

They are just fun. My son laughed and laughed everytime he saw the Hexbug zig and zag everywhere. We even built our own mazes and ramps out of building blocks !

You can collect many kinds of Hex Bugs. Teh Hexbug nano is one of the first bugs develped. it can flipover if it gets turned upside down. The newest Hexbug is the HexBug Crab.


Well the most obvious thing is that this critter is small. This means either you or your child will have to be on top of where you keep it when it is not being played with. The Hex Ant could get lost in the couch cushions or under the bed. I reccomend you keep the tube it cmae in and store it in their when not in use.

If you have family pets beware! My son wa amuzed by my cat chasing it all alround the kitchen floor. That wasn't so bad as the cat would just bat it around a bit. The family dog however is another story. out pup can't resist getting into the family fun. Unfortunately our little hex ant met his ealry demise being a chew toy!

The Hex Ant doesn seem to do well on crpeted surfaces. it needs a flat surface to run on.

Full Review

What the heck is a Hexbug? It is a cleverly designed litttle micro robot. These toys are cute and run well to. But beware they are small in size. The Hexbug is so small it can be found in a tube on the shelf at your local toy store. There are several to choose from, The Hexbug Ant, The original hexbug that looks like a roach and even a nano bug. All of thsee hex bugs run on button cell battery. the batteries last a long while and are relatively cheap.

All hex bugs have a see through plastic cover, so you can see the inner workings of your mircro robot. They can be very educational. My son and I love to watch the inner workings! Small gears run where the feet are. Each Hex bug has wire anntenna.

The Hex bugs can be collected and have environments you can purchase. The environments are basically little mazes that the bugs bump into and turn, making their way through

In Closing

Overall the Hex Bug is a fun toy and I would buy anohter one. They are educational and fun. They inspire many questions for your children. I love the act that you can buy little environments for the bugs. I suggest this be a gift for an older child. It is small and easy for a littel one to loose. But being tiny also has it's advantage. They are also easy to collect too.