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Think the Seinfeld curse[1] was bad - try the Canadian comedian with a show curse.

Jon Dore, Jeremy Hotz, and even Canada's longest running late night talk show host Ed the Sock are all top notch comedians that hardly anyone knows south of the border.

What gives?

Norm Macdonald, probably best known for hosting Weekend Update on SNL (Saturday Night Live) had a hilarious show called The Norm Show which (like The Jon Dore Television Show) only ran for two or three seasons.

More recently, Norm Macdonald hosted Sports Show with Norm Macdonald which only aired for one season.

And this guy doesn't suck.

Just to remind the powers that be in the comedy world, I compiled short snippets (nothing over 3:18 long) showcasing Norm Macdonald's talent.

Case in Point

Norm talks about Bill Cosby on Letterman:

Incredibly Funny Impersonations

Some of Norm Macdonald's more famous impersonations include: Bob Dole, Burt Reynolds, Charles Kuralt, Larry King, and David Letterman.

Up next, check out his impressions of David Letterman followed by Quentin Tarantino (who must be fairly hard to nail down).

Norm Macdonald as Dave Letterman

(only 28 seconds)

More Norm as Quentin Tarantino

(only 30 seconds)

A Canadian Comedian

Actually, Norm Macdonald is more than a comedian: he's an actor, producer, and writer. He penned episodes of Roseanne, an American TV sitcom, which ran for nine seasons. And he's appeared on various shows such NewsRadio and The Drew Carey Show.[2]

Mr. Macdonald was born in Quebec City and raised in Ottawa, Canada. He had his first big break in 1987 at the Canadian comedy festival Just for Laughs. In fact, Just for Laughs is the largest international comedy festival in the world.[3] Prior to that, Macdonald was doing stand-up gigs in Ottawa.

His comedic style

While Norm Macdonald is known for satire and observational comedy, he can be outrageous and inappropriate at times. I love his ability to take on the most serious issues and make them funny. He's mastered story telling with a laid back style that leaves me wanting more.
Up next, he discusses Hitler and living wills - two topics that I think must be next to impossible to make humourous.

Norm Macdonald's Hitler Story

(only 45 seconds)

Discussing Living Wills

Storytelling Made Funny

Everyday situations and people are hilarious when Norm talks about them. Up next is the infamous Bob Uecker story (don't worry, the bad words have been bleeped out).

Norm Macdonald's awesome Bob Uecker story

What's Norm Doing Now?

The Globe and Mail published an article by Andrew Ryan on May 27th, 2014 which mentioned that Macdonald wants to be the new host of The Late Late Show when Craig Ferguson leaves at the end of the year.[4]

As such, Norm has been twittering that he's the man for the job.

And true to a Canadian's respect for women, Norm told the New York Times, "I think some of the women’s names are almost too big," naming Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. "So maybe I have a chance because the females are too successful."[5]

Up next, see Norm's audition for Craig Ferguson's job (he proves himself worthy in just one minute). And folks, he can make Hitler and death funny. Yeah, let's give him a shot.

The Late Late Show Audition

Want More Of Norm?

The Norm Show: The Complete Series (1999)

The Norm Show: The Complete Series (1999) RoseWrites 2014-06-30 5.0 0 5

A Brilliant Comedy Series

I still miss Weiner Dog (his Dachshund)

The Norm Show: The Complete Series
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I laughed my head off watching this show and I couldn't believe it was cancelled after three seasons. Amazon shows a short clip of Norm being introduced at his new job.